Glowing Glow Worm | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, only the Mystery Mouseketool is left.
Glowing Glow Worm
PETE: Oh! What's that mean? MICKEY MOUSE: It means, everybody say, "Mystery Mouseketool."

Sand Bucket and Shovel | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, we know a great fun way to play
Sand Bucket and Shovel
with sand. Building sandcastles. PETE: Sandcastles? Oh, say, that does sound fun. You got yourself a deal, Mickey the Mouse.

Bouncy Shoes | Space Captain Donald

GOOFY: Gosh, Pluto's bouncy ball could be anywhere.
Bouncy Shoes
MICKEY MOUSE: Yell out bouncy ball real loud if you see it. What's that? You see Pluto's bouncy ball? Where?

Rubber Duckies | Space Captain Donald

DONALD DUCK: Bang, zoom!
Rubber Duckies
Uh-oh. Now what? GOOFY: Gosh, Space Rubber Duckies. Lots of them. MINNIE: With all these Space Rubber Duckies blocking

What's a constellation | Space Captain Donald

DAISY: But we've got to get to the moon
What's a constellation
to get Pluto's bouncy ball. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, as every good space captain knows, if you are getting lost, you can

Clubhouse Rocket Ship | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: All we have to say is
Clubhouse Rocket Ship | Space Captain Donald
"Oh, Toodles" So long, Toodles. Okay, everybody, ready to go to the moon and find Pluto's bouncy ball? DONALD DUCK: To the

Pluto's Bouncy Ball | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Welcome to our clubhouse.
Pluto's Bouncy Ball
Today we're gonna... Uh, did you just hear something go ka-boing? You did? Good, me too. There it is again. Another