Quest for the Crystal Mickey | Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody. Take a look at my new globeTake a look at my new globe. It shows us where all the land and water around the world is. There are so many places to see, like deserts and jungles and... What's going on? PETE: Oh, yeah! MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, no!
It's Plunderin' Pete! PETE: Huh? Who's... Oh! Well, hello there, Mickey the Mouse. Whoa! Look at the time. Gotta go. PETE: Coming through! Out of my way, Clubhousers! Plunderin' Pete is on the movePlunderin' Pete is on the move! MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, everybody, did you see Plunderin' Pete? GOOFY: Sure did, Mickey. He just skedaddled through here with something shiny in his hand. DAISY: Ooh, he's such a sneaky, tricky trickster. Everyone knows he takes things without askingEveryone knows he takes things without asking. MINNIE: Oh! DAISY: Whoa! DONALD DUCK: What's the big idea? MICKEY MOUSE: Professor von Drake, what's going on? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: It's an emergency, is what! Everybody, inside the Clubhouse! Oh, boy, this is just like I feared. The Crystal Mickey is gone! GOOFY: No! Not the Crystal Mickey! Um, what's a Crystal Mickey? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: This is our Crystal Mickey. DAISY: That's what Plunderin' Pete was running off with! MINNIE: What does it do? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: The Crystal Mickey is a statue that was carved from a powerful, magical crystal a long, long time agoThe Crystal Mickey is a statue that was carved from a powerful, magical crystal a long, long time ago. It's the source of all the Clubhouse's meeska-mooska-magic. MICKEY MOUSE: That's what makes the Clubhouse appear when we say the magic words. MINNIE: And now that it's gone, parts of the Clubhouse are disappearing. DAISY: We've got to get it back, fast! MICKEY MOUSE: What is it, boyWhat is it, boy? GOOFY: Gosh, that was Pluto's doghouse! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: We got to bring back the Crystal Mickey so that we can restore the meeska-mooska-magic. Because if we don't, every part of the Clubhouse will gonna disappear, one by another, never to be seen again. MICKEY MOUSE: Will you help us bring back the Crystal Mickey and save the magic of the Clubhousesave the magic of the Clubhouse? Great! Come on. We're gonna need some Mouseketools! MICKEY MOUSE: Mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi, mouseker-ho! Mouseker-ready, mouseker-set, here we go! You're a thinking and a solving work it through-er! Mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer! Mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer! Oh, toodles! It's time to get to it. Show us the Mouseketools to help us do it! Meeska, mooska, mousekedoer! Mouseketools, mouseketools, mouseketools! CHORUS: Here are your Mouseketools! Watch Quest for the Crystal Mickey video

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