Rubber Duckies | Space Captain Donald

DONALD DUCK: Bang, zoom!
Rubber Duckies
Uh-oh. Now what? GOOFY: Gosh, Space Rubber Duckies. Lots of them. MINNIE: With all these Space Rubber Duckies blocking our view, we can't even see the dog-shaped constellation. GOOFY: But we gotta see where it's pointing. DAISY: We need something to push
DAISY: We need something to push
all those duckies out of the way. DONALD DUCK: I know, a Mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: Roger Dodger, Space Captain Donald. Everybody say... ALL: Oh, Toodles. MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see if a Mouseketool can help us push all those Space Rubber Duckies out of the way.
Space Rubber Duckies out of the way
Could a giant umbrella help us? GOOFY: Well, rain bounces off umbrellas. So maybe giant rubber duckies will bounce off the giant umbrella. MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, that's so silly, it just might work. We got ears, say "Cheers." GOOFY: It's working.
It's working
DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. DAISY: Look. It's the dog constellation. MICKEY MOUSE: And it really is shaped just like Pluto. Huh, boy? MINNIE: Which direction is the dog constellation pointing? To the left? Or to the right? To the left. Uh-huh. MICKEY MOUSE: Space Captain Donald, steer us to the left. GOOFY: We did it. We found the moon. MICKEY MOUSE: Hot-diggety moon-dog.
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