Mickey's Mystery Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, hiya, everybody! Pluto and I sure are glad to see you
Pluto and I sure are glad to see you
because today we're looking at maps. Maps show us how to get to fun and exciting places we've never been to. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Uh, pardon us, Mickey the Mouse. Come, come, everyone, and follow Ludwig to the mousekedoer.
follow Ludwig to the mousekedoer
DAISY: Professor, what's so important? GOOFY: Could you tell us now? Don't keep us in suspenders. DONALD DUCK: You mean suspense. GOOFY: That's what I said, suspenders. DONALD DUCK: Oh, brother. MICKEY MOUSE: Well, hiya, Professor von Drake. Say, what's all the excitement about? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: I, Professor Ludwig von Drake, have made an amazing discovery is what. Now, as every kid in the world knows, I have launched a Clubhouse satellite into outer space to take pictures of interesting things
a Clubhouse satellite into outer space to take pictures of interesting things
down here, on the Earth. Like this. GOOFY: Gawrsh, what is it? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Why, that's a building in a rainforest. DAISY: Look how it's shaped! MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh! It looks like me! DONALD DUCK: Aw, phooey. It's always Mickey Mouse.
It's always Mickey Mouse
PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Hmm, looking at the picture scientifically, we can see that this building has been there for a very long time. GOOFY: How'd it get there? MINNIE: Why was it built? DAISY: And what's it doing in the middle of the rainforest? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Just sitting there. I don't know. No, it's a mystery. DAISY: Ooh. I love a mystery.
I love a mystery
MICKEY MOUSE: I think we ought to go to the hidden rainforest, find that building, and figure out what it is but we're gonna need help! Would you help us solve this mysterious mystery? Swell! Let's go get our mouseketools. MICKEY MOUSE: Mouseker-hey, mouseker-hi, mouseker-ho! Mouseker-ready, mouseker-set, here we go! You're a thinking and a solving work it through-er! Mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer! Mouseker-me, mouseker-you, mousekedoer! Oh, toodles! It's time to get to it. Show us the Mouseketools to help us do it! Meeska, mooska, mousekedoer! Mouseketools, mouseketools, mouseketools! CHORUS: Here are your Mouseketools! Watch Mickey's Mystery Clubhouse video

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