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Well, this is the spot. The girls are supposed to meet us here any minute. Hey, look!
Disney Mickey Mouse No Service

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Let's get some lunch
Let's get some lunch
and surprise them with a picnic. DONALD DUCK: Yeah! GOOFY: I'll be right with you fellers in a min. Hey! Can't you clowns read?
Can't you clowns read?
DONALD DUCK: What? MICKEY MOUSE: Huh? GOOFY: The sign on the door says. No Shirt.
No Shirt
No Shoes.
No Shoes
No Service!
No Service!
I'm tryin' to run a classy establishment here. DONALD DUCK: Now what do we do? MICKEY MOUSE: I know! Hey, give me your shirt. DONALD DUCK: Give me those shoes! MICKEY MOUSE: Okay look. Let's team up. We'll make one outfit
We'll make one outfit
and one of us will go in and get carry out for everyone. Deal? DONALD DUCK: But who gets to go in? MICKEY MOUSE: Draw straws? DONALD DUCK: Okay, draw! All right, all right, give 'em up! MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, knock it off! GOOFY: Good afternoon! What can I get you, sir? DONALD DUCK: A malted, some onion rings, a big curly fries, and uh, let's see, um. Look at those hot buns!
Look at those hot buns
GOOFY: Yeah, I like to rub them buns with olive oil so's they don't get burned. DONALD DUCK: (LAUGHING) MICKEY MOUSE: You're a riot.
MICKEY MOUSE: You're a riot.
Now hurry up! MINNIE: ♪ Island breeze, island breeze MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, no! MINNIE: ♪ Take my message across the sea MICKEY: The girls!
The girls!
MINNIE: ♪ To the one I love, the one I'm dreaming of... ♪ MICKEY MOUSE: I can't let 'em see me like this, no! DONALD DUCK: Whoa! MICKEY MOUSE: (IMITATING DONALD) Waa waa waa! DONALD DUCK: That's not funny!
That's not funny!
MINNIE: The boys are supposed to meet us right here. DAISY: I'm sure they're around here somewhere. MINNIE: Yoo-hoo! Mickey! MICKEY MOUSE: Woo! GOOFY: How'd you like to pay for that?
How'd you like to pay for that?
DONALD DUCK: Credit! GOOFY: Got ID? DONALD DUCK: Sure! GOOFY: What are you, clowning me? DONALD DUCK: (WEAKLY) What? GOOFY: That ain't you and stay out!
That ain't you and stay out
BOTH: Mickey! MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, girls! Care for a picnic?
Hey, girls! Care for a picnic?
BOTH: Yay! DAISY: Donald? DONALD: Hiya, toots. DAISY: Oh, my goose down! You're naked in public! What is wrong with you? DONALD DUCK: But, but, but... DAISY: Stop! I'm too embarrassed to even be seen with you. Now, about that picnic. (MICKEY WHISTLING) (CROWD CLAMORING) GOOFY: Boy, some people ain't got no class.


Written by Paul Rudish
Storyboards by Paul Rudish
Directed by Paul Rudish
Original air date June 28, 2013


Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
Bill Farmer as Goofy
Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse
Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck


Despite Goofy claiming to run a "classy establishment" snack shack with a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy, he himself acts sloppily in this episode, swatting a bug with a spatula and using said spatula to cook the food.
When Mickey and Donald are shown, they appear with clothes all over them. When the camera zooms out, they are shown back in their original position before they were fighting to wear the appropriate clothes.
Mickey's DMV ID number is MMC0581WED, which has many references from past Mickey Mouse series. MMC refers to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This also makes the numbers "05" come to play, in which it references May 5, 2006, the day the first episode of that series was released. If you turn the number 81 to 18 (by reversing the positions), it references November 18, 1928, the day Steamboat Willie (Mickey's famous first cartoon) was released.
Was the first episode to air on TV and was posted on Disney.com before airing on the Disney Channel.

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