Glowing Glow Worm | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, only the Mystery Mouseketool is leftonly the Mystery Mouseketool is left. PETE: Ohh! What's that mean? MICKEY MOUSE: It means, everybody say, "Mystery Mouseketool." ALL: Mystery Mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: What's today's Mystery Mouseketool? GOOFY: It's a Glowing Glow Worm. DAISY: Oh, goody, a Glowing Glow Worm glows like a flashlighta Glowing Glow Worm glows like a flashlight. It can help us find Pluto's ball in the dark by lighting the way. MICKEY MOUSE: We've just picked all our Mouseketools, say "Super Cheers." MICKEY MOUSE: Okay, Mr. Glowing Glow Worm, do your stuff. DONALD DUCK: Yeah. Do your stuff. GOOFY: Ahoy, there she blows. DAISY: Pluto's bouncy ball. PETE: Amazing. DONALD DUCK: Huh? For me? MICKEY MOUSE: Because it's your turn, Donald. DONALD DUCK: Aw, thanks, Pluto. MICKEY MOUSE: Give it your best bounceGive it your best bounce, Space Captain Donald. DONALD DUCK: Wa-hoo! I did it. How about that? MICKEY MOUSE: Thanks, Glowy. Well, we did it. We came all the way to the moon, found Pluto's bouncy ball, and Donald got to take his turn. MINNIE: And we couldn't have done it without your helpwe couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks. MICKEY MOUSE: What a hot dog day. GOOFY: Bye-bye, moon people. PETE: Bye-bye, not-from-the-moon people. Come on back and make more sandcastles with us, anytime. MICKEY MOUSE: You betcha. Come on, it's time to do the Hot Dog Dance. PETE: Bye. CHIP: Goodbye. PETE: Goodbye, now. See you. Watch Glowing Glow Worm video

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