A giant button | Mickey's Comet

A giant button | Mickey's Comet
DAISY: Pluto's found something.
MINNIE: What is that? I can't tell. MICKEY MOUSE: Huh, me neither. MICKEY MOUSE: What do you got there, boy? MINNIE: Oh, my. It's a giant button.
It's a giant button
Now where could that have come from? WILLIE THE GIANT: Duh, excuse me. MICKEY: It's Willie the Giant. WILLIE THE GIANT: Hi, everybody. Say, could you help me? My little bear lost a button. I looked and I looked and I can't find it anywhere. DAISY: The button's right under the bush. How come he can't see it? MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm... I think he doesn't see it because Willie's really tall.
Willie's really tall
That means he looks down on everything. From way up there, Willie can only see the top of the bush. He can't see what's under it. WILLIE THE GIANT: Ooh, there's my button. Goody, goody, goody! Thank you. Aww... How am I gonna make the button stay on? MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm... This looks like a job for a Mouseketool. Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles." ALL: Oh, Toodles. WILLIE THE GIANT: Funny birdy. MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm, let's see. We have the balloons, a wind-up toy and building blocks. MINNIE: I don't think any of those can help us stick a button on a teddy bear. It must be time for the Mystery Mouseketool. DONALD: Already? MICKEY: Yep. Already. Everybody say, "Mystery Mouseketool." ALL: Mystery Mousketool. MICKEY: What's today's Mystery Mouseketool? Oh, boy, I think this might be just what we need: a glue stick.
I think this might be just what we need: a glue stick
We got ears, say "Cheers." WILLIE THE GIANT: Hmm... I sure hope this works. Perfect. It's all better. ALL: Aww... WILLIE THE GIANT: Thank you, thank you. I hope sometime maybe I can help you. MICKEY MOUSE: Well, you know, you can help us right now. When you were looking for the button, did you see Professor Von Drake? WILLIE THE GIANT: Duh... I did, I did. I saw the itty bitty professor walk down the path next to the green circle with the purty red polkie dots. MICKEY MOUSE: Got it. A path next to the green circle with purty red polkie dots. Thanks, Willie. You've been a big help. MINNIE: Bye-bye, Willie. WILLIE THE GIANT: Bye-bye.


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