Sand Bucket and Shovel | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, we know a great fun way to play
Sand Bucket and Shovel
with sand. Building sandcastles. PETE: Sandcastles? Oh, say, that does sound fun. You got yourself a deal, Mickey the Mouse. Show us how to build sandcastles, and you get the bouncy ball back. MICKEY MOUSE: Whoa! GOOFY: But, Mickey, we don't have anything with us.
we don't have anything with us
for building sandcastles MICKEY MOUSE: Why sure we do, Goofy. Mouseketools. Everybody say... ALL: Oh, Toodles. MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm. Let's see what Mouseketool we can use to make sandcastles. The Mystery Mouseketool, or the sand bucket and shovel? DONALD DUCK: Sand bucket and shovel.
DONALD DUCK: Sand bucket and shovel
MICKEY MOUSE: You're right, Donald. We got ears, say "Cheers." PETE: Oh, that is so neat. MINNIE: Come on, Mr. Pete, we'll show you how fun it is to build a sandcastle. PETE: Leaping moon lizards. It sure is fun building sand castles. MICKEY MOUSE: Here, your very own bucket and shovel to keep. Now you can make sand castles whenever you want.
Now you can make sand castles whenever you want
PETE: Really? For me? Why, that's the nicest thing I ever heard of. Ahem. Here, I've got something for you too. GOOFY: Pluto's bouncy ball. Hurray! Hey, Donald, you're finally gonna get your turn to bounce it. DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy. Give me. Give me. Hey. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee, the bouncy ball bounced onto the dark side of the moon. DONALD DUCK: What a predicament. MICKEY MOUSE: Can anybody see Pluto's bouncy ball over there? GOOFY: If only we had something like a flashlight to help us see in the dark. PETE: Well, maybe one of them Mouseketoolies would help. Is this when we call the little flying gizmo-boy again? MICKEY MOUSE: It sure is. Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles." ALL: Oh, Toodles.
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