Sofia the First The curse of Princess Ivy

PRINCESS AMBER: Ahhh. I can't wait to get a princess to appear for me. Now which princess do I want?
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Ariel, Cinderella, Belle... No! Rapunzel. Definitely Rapunzel. Amulet, please, pretty-pretty please, bring me princess Rapunzel! Whoa. PRINCESS IVY: Where am I? PRINCESS AMBER: Wait. You're not Rapunzel. PRINCESS IVY: What is this place? PRINCESS AMBER: You're in Enchancia.
You're in Enchancia
PRINCESS IVY: I am? PRINCESS AMBER: Who are you? PRINCESS IVY: I am Princess Ivy, perhaps you've heard of me.
I am Princess Ivy, perhaps you've heard of me
PRINCESS AMBER: No. PRINCESS IVY: Good. And who are you, my sweet little awestruck darling? PRINCESS AMBER: Princess Amber. Oh, I love your gown. It's so beautiful. PRINCESS IVY: Not as beautiful as your gown. And your tiara and your hair. It's like a plume of golden stardust. PRINCESS AMBER: Oh! You're even better than Rapunzel.
You're even better than Rapunzel
PRINCESS IVY: No, you are. And I can't wait to learn absolutely everything about you and your blindingly colorful kingdom. PRINCESS AMBER: Would you like a tour of the castle? PRINCESS IVY: I thought you'd never ask. PRINCESS AMBER: Just let me change into something more fashionable. PRINCESS IVY: Of course, princess Amber. I can already tell that we are going to be best friends. PRINCESS AMBER: I was just thinking the same thing. KING ROLAND II: Happy anniversary, honey!
KING ROLAND II: Happy anniversary, honey
QUEEN MIRANDA: Oh, Rollie! This is lovely. KING ROLAND II: I did it all by myself. Well, I carried it up here all by myself. And we have all morning to enjoy it in peace, because I haven't told anyone where we are. QUEEN MIRANDA: Not even Baileywick? KING ROLAND II: Not even Baileywick. QUEEN MIRANDA: We better eat quickly then before he sends the royal guard to find us. KING ROLAND II: Scone? CLOVER: Good morning, princess. Rise and shine. It's breakfast time! Hey! Wake up, Sofe. Come on, Sofe. What, you can't hear me? Your amulet is missing!
Your amulet is missing
You can't hear me! Sofia. SOFIA: Clover, what are you doing? What is it? I can't understand you. My amulet! But I didn't take it off! Ohh! Amber. I should have known. PRINCE JAMES: Come back! SOFIA: James, have you seen Amber? PRINCE JAMES: Nope, but check out these butterflies. Everything they land on turns black and white. SOFIA: Where'd they come from? PRINCE JAMES: I don't know, but will you help me catch one? I want to get a closer look. SOFIA: I will, but first I need to find Amber.
SOFIA: I will, but first I need to find Amber
BAILEYWICK: Oh! SOFIA: Sorry, Baileywick. BAILEYWICK: What are butterflies doing in the castle? How did they do that? PRINCE JAMES: Can you help me catch one of these butterflies?
Can you help me catch one of these butterflies
BAILEYWICK: We have to catch all of them before they ruin the ball decorations! SOFIA: Amber! PRINCESS AMBER: Uh-oh. SOFIA: You did take my amulet. PRINCESS AMBER: I just wanted a turn, Sofia. It's only fair. And look, it gave me a princess, too. SOFIA: It what? PRINCESS AMBER: Sofia, this is Princess Ivy. Ivy, this is my sister, Sofia. PRINCESS IVY: Well, aren't you just a burst of lavender radiance. You two may be the most perfect pair of princesses I've ever met.
You two may be the most perfect pair of princesses I've ever met
Please join us, princess Sofia. I am certain we will all be best friends. SOFIA: Amber? Are you in some kind of trouble? PRINCESS AMBER: No. Unless you tell daddy on me. SOFIA: That's not what I mean. The amulet only summons a princess when you're in real trouble.
The amulet only summons a princess when you're in real trouble
PRINCESS AMBER: Well, I just asked it for one. And it gave me the greatest princess ever. SOFIA: But that's not how the amulet works. It only summons princesses when you really need help and they don't stick around so you can be best friends. The amulet sends them right back where they came from. PRINCESS IVY: Hmm. PRINCESS AMBER: Well, maybe it was being extra nice to me because I never had a turn before! SOFIA: I just want my amulet! Okay, Amber? Now. PRINCESS AMBER: All right, all right. You don't have to get so upset. SOFIA: Whoa! Hey! PRINCESS IVY: Come to Ivy. SOFIA: Give that back! PRINCESS IVY: I don't think so. PRINCESS AMBER: Ivy, what are you doing? PRINCESS IVY: This amulet brought me here. So I need to make sure it never sends me back. PRINCESS AMBER: I don't understand. Back where? PRINCESS IVY: A dreadful little island where I was tragically imprisoned for ten terrible years.
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