Clubhouse Rocket Ship | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: All we have to sayAll we have to say is "Oh, Toodles" So long, Toodles. Okay, everybody, ready to go to the moon and find Pluto's bouncy ball?
DONALD DUCK: To the moon.
MICKEY MOUSE: To go to the moon,
we get to ride the Clubhouse Rocket Shipwe get to ride the Clubhouse Rocket Ship. DAISY: Oh, goody. I love rocket ships. DONALD DUCK: Me too. I wanna be captain. MICKEY MOUSE: You got it, Donald. Oops, I mean, Space Captain Donald. DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy. DONALD DUCK: Hello. Welcome aboard, I'm Space Captain DonaldWelcome aboard, I'm Space Captain Donald. DAISY: Thank you for space traveling today with Space Captain Donald. Ready to turn on the rocket computer, Donald? DONALD DUCK: A-okay, toots. DAISY: Oh, goody. Turn on the rocket computer. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: How do you do? I am your fantastic Von Drake personal rocket computerI am your fantastic Von Drake personal rocket computer, patent pending. That's me. So fasten your seat belts. And that means you too, that I'm talking to also. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, let's all buckle our seat belts together. Go. Seat belts, buckled. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Very good. Now, it's time for the countdown to the blast off. You too, count down with us from ten to one. ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Blast off. GOOFY: Yow-hoo-hoo-hooey! ALL [SINGING]: Blast off. MICKEY MOUSE: Up into outer space. ALL: Blast off GOOFY: It's such a far out place ALL: Blast off MINNIE: We're going to the moonWe're going to the moon. ALL: Blast off DAISY: We're gonna be there soon ALL: Ooh, Blast off MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, outer space. GOOFY: It's the final frontier. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Now, the most important thing to remember in outer space is... DONALD DUCK: Phooey. Come on, come on, let's go. MICKEY MOUSE AND MINNIE: Whoa! DONALD DUCK: Yeah, that's it. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, no, no, no. Stop. Stop immediately, which is right nowStop immediately, which is right now. DONALD DUCK: That's no fun. GOOFY: Space Captain Donald. I mean, Space Captain Donald. We're supposed to go to the moon to find Pluto's bouncy ball. But where is the moon? DONALD DUCK: Uh, I don't know. MINNIE: Do you see the moon anywhere? Nope, me neither. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: That's right you don't, because Space Captain D. Duck could not be patient. And now he has got us all lost, in outer space, even. DONALD DUCK: I'm sorry. Watch Clubhouse Rocket Ship video

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