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MICKEY MOUSE: Welcome to our clubhouse.
Pluto's Bouncy Ball
Today we're gonna... Uh, did you just hear something go ka-boing? You did? Good, me too. There it is again. Another ka-boing. Gosh, it sounds like something is going ka-boing outside. Come on, let's go see. GOOFY: Catch, Daisy.Catch. DONALD DUCK: I got it. I got it. MINNIE: Let me try. I'd like to try. DONALD DUCK: I got it. MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody. DAISY: Hello, Mickey. GOOFY: Hiya, Mickey. MINNIE: Hi, Mickey. DONALD DUCK: Hi, Mickey. PLUTO: [BARKS] MICKEY MOUSE: Say, did you hear a funny sound
did you hear a funny sound
kind of like ka-boing? MINNIE: You mean, like when someone bounces a bouncy ball? MICKEY MOUSE: Yeah, exactly. GOOFY: I don't know if I heard anything like that. We were too busy playing around, bouncing Pluto's bouncy ball. Wait, I bet you heard us bouncing Pluto's bouncy ball. MINNIE: It's a new game I invented. I call it Who Can Bounce Pluto's Bouncy Ball The Highest?
I call it Who Can Bounce Pluto's Bouncy Ball The Highest
Anyway, whose turn is it? DAISY: Let's see, I went first. GOOFY: And I went second. I think you're gonna be third, Minnie. DAISY: And Donald is fourth. DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy, that means it's my turn. MICKEY MOUSE: Wait, Donald. Fourth is after third. So, since Minnie's third and you're fourth, that means you go after Minnie. It goes: First, second, third, fourth. DONALD DUCK: Oh, okay. MINNIE: Here goes. DONALD DUCK: Wow! How about that? Look at it go. All right, now it's my turn. GOOFY: Gosh, that bouncy ball's flying up so high and far away, I can't hardly see where it's going. MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm. What do you think we can use to see Pluto's bouncy ball so far, far away? DAISY: Oh, oh, I know. We can use the Clubhouse Telescope.
We can use the Clubhouse Telescope
MINNIE: Oh, that's a great idea. GOOFY: Why didn't I think of that? DAISY: Come on, the Clubhouse Telescope lets us see far away things like they're up close. Look. Wow, Pluto's ball is going higher and higher, past all the stars, and all the way to the moon. DONALD DUCK: But it's supposed to be my turn now. Aw, I want my turn. MICKEY MOUSE: Well, I'm sorry, Donald. But Pluto's bouncy ball is up on the moon. DONALD DUCK: Why does this always happen to me? GOOFY: Aw, crumb-buckets. Too bad we can't just go to the moon and find Pluto's bouncy ball. Or can we? MICKEY MOUSE: We can. Will you help us go to the moon
Will you help us go to the moon
and find Pluto's bouncy ball? You will? Aw, hot dog. MINNIE: In that case, I think we better take some Mouseketools. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on. MICKEY MOUSE [SINGING]: Mouseker-hey, Mouseker-hi Mouseker-ho Mouseker-ready, Mouseker-set, Here we go You're a thinking and a solver Working-througher Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you Mousekedoer Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you Mousekedoer Oh, Toodles It's time to get to it Show us the Mouseketools To help us do it Meeska, Mooska, Mousekedoer. Mouseketools, Mouseketools Mouseketools CHORUS: Here are your Mouseketools.
Here are your Mouseketools
MINNIE: A sand bucket and shovel. How fun. Bouncy shoes. GOOFY: A giant umbrella. DAISY: And the Mystery Mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: That's a surprise tool that can help us later. MICKEY MOUSE [SINGING]: Toodles has the tools The Mouseketools So when we need them Toodles will bring them He's here for meedles and youdles And all we have to say is "Oh, Toodles".
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