What's a constellation | Space Captain Donald

DAISY: But we've got to get to the moon
What's a constellation
to get Pluto's bouncy ball. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, as every good space captain knows, if you are getting lost, you can always find your way by following the constellations. Isn't that right, Space Captain Donald? DONALD DUCK: I knew that. Uh. What's a constellation? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: What's a constellation, he asks.
What's a constellation, he asks
Ha, ha. Well, allow me to elaborate. A constellation is a group of stars that look like shapes we know. GOOFY: Hey, lookie. I see a square made out of twinkly stars. Oh, and a triangle. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Correct. Those twinkly star shapes you see is called constellations. Now, this is the constellation called The Square.
this is the constellation called The Square
And this constellation is The Triangle. Constellations is going to help us to find our way to the moon. Here comes another one now. So, what constellation do these stars make? That's right, The Circle. Because it's like a round circle that it's shaped. Now, let me show you the constellation that will gonna point you straight to the moon. DAISY: Hmm. Now, what does that look like? Uh-huh. A dog. Right. It's shaped just like Pluto.
It's shaped just like Pluto
PLUTO: Woof, woof, woof! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: So now we just gonna need to find the cluster of stars... MICKEY MOUSE: That makes up the dog constellation. DAISY: And then we go where the dog constellation is pointing to the moon.
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