Sofia the First New world under the sea

MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: That way, Sofia. Through the kelp forest. PRINCESS SOFIA: It looks just like seaweed, Oona. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: That's because kelp is seaweed. PRINCESS SOFIA: Wow, it's like a whole new world under the sea
a whole new world under the sea
. Is it much farther? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Down there. Just past this ledge. PRINCESS SOFIA: Oh, wow. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Here we are. Let's go inside. PRINCESS SOFIA: In the ship? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Uh-huh. PRINCESS SOFIA: Whoa. It's all broken up. Is this where you live, Oona? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: No, this is my hideaway. It's where I keep all my treasures
It's where I keep all my treasures
. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Oona? Oona, are you back? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Quick! Hide over here! PRINCESS SOFIA: Why? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: That's Sven. He's my friend, but he gets very suspicious around strangers. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Maybe she's in her shipwreck. Oona? Oona? There you are. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Oh, hi, Sven. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Where have you been? And who is this? I have not seen you in the cove before. PRINCESS SOFIA: No. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: She's visiting from another colony
She's visiting from another colony
. I hurt my fin and she helped me get back. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Oona! You hurt your fin? You must see the doctor immediately. PRINCESS CORA: See the doctor about what? SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Oona hurt her fin! PRINCESS CORA: Sven, relax. Let's have a look. Oh, all you need is a little moon kelp. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Ooh! I'll get it! PRINCESS CORA: Who's your friend? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Oh, this is Sofia. Sofia, this is Cora, my sister
Sofia, this is Cora, my sister
. PRINCESS CORA: Big sister. PRINCESS SOFIA: Pleased to meet you. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Here's the moon kelp. PRINCESS CORA: I'll take that. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: I can do it myself, Cora. PRINCESS CORA: It needs to be put on just right. There. How does that feel? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Good. PRINCESS CORA: You really should be more careful, Oona. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: I am careful. What're you doing here anyway? PRINCESS CORA: Mom wanted me to check on you. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: I'm fine, Cora. I'm always fine. PRINCESS CORA: Just checking. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Cora still treats me like a little mere-baby
treats me like a little mere-baby
. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: That's what big sisters do. I have twelve. PRINCESS SOFIA: So if this is your hideaway. Where do the rest of the mermaids live? SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Oona hasn't shown you the cove yet? Oona, where are your manners? Let's show our guest around. Give her a tour. PRINCESS SOFIA: A tour? SVEN THE SEAHORSE: Welcome to your personal tour of Merroway Cove provided by the savviest seahorse in the 17 seas
the savviest seahorse in the 17 seas
. That's me. Our tour begins right here in Oona's lovely shipwreck. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Hideaway. SVEN THE SEAHORSE: If you say so. Sofia, welcome to the cove!
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