Bouncy Shoes | Space Captain Donald

GOOFY: Gosh, Pluto's bouncy ball could be anywhere.
Bouncy Shoes
MICKEY MOUSE: Yell out bouncy ball real loud if you see it. What's that? You see Pluto's bouncy ball? Where? Behind me? Really? Wow, look at that. Real live moon men. And look what they're playing
with. It's Pluto's bouncy ball. PLUTO: Woof, woof! DAISY: Gee, maybe they'll let us have it back, if we ask politely. MICKEY MOUSE: Good idea. But there's just one little problem. Well, actually, it's a big problem. Look at the size of that canyon.
Look at the size of that canyon
That's some moon canyon. MINNIE: How will we ever get to the moon men? GOOFY: Hmm. Well... Maybe we can jump over it? Whoa! DONALD DUCK: It's too big. DAISY: Donald's right, it's too big. But maybe we have a Mouseketool that can help us jump over that canyon. MICKEY MOUSE: Well, let's find out. Everybody say... ALL: Oh, Toodles. GOOFY: Hmm. Which Mouseketool can help us jump over that moon canyon? DAISY: Well, I don't think it's the sand bucket and shovel. How about the bouncy shoes?
How about the bouncy shoes
MINNIE: Oh, I think you're right. With the bouncy shoes, we should be able to bounce over that canyon. MICKEY MOUSE: We got ears, say "Cheers." MICKEY MOUSE: Okay, everybody, up, up, up. MINNIE: Get ready to bounce over the canyon with us. DONALD DUCK: Ready? MICKEY MOUSE: Steady. ALL: Bounce. PETE: Why, hello there, strangers. Welcome to the moon.
Welcome to the moon
I'm Pete and these are my friends: Chip and Dale. DALE: Hello. CHIP: It's a pleasure to meet you. MICKEY MOUSE: Hiya, Pete. I'm Mickey Mouse. These are my friends. And that's my dog's favorite bouncy ball. PLUTO: [BARKS] DAISY: We bounced it up here by mistake. MINNIE: And we've come a very long way to find it. DONALD DUCK: Yeah. Honest. PETE: Oh, but we love the bouncy ball. It's the most fun we moon men have ever had. DONALD DUCK: Oh, cry me a river. PETE: Oh, sorry, Mouse. But the only way I'm gonna give you back this ball is if you show us some other fun game to play.
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