The special Santa call

DONALD DUCK: Oh, Santa! Where are you? MICKEY MOUSE: Do you see any sign of Santa? DONALD DUCK: Over there? MICKEY MOUSE: It's Santa's sleigh
MICKEY MOUSE: It's Santa's sleigh
. DONALD DUCK: And his reindeer. MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh! DONALD DUCK: How about that? MICKEY MOUSE: Santa has eight reindeer. Are they all

A hot dog day

MINNIE: Mickey, Donald, did you rescue Santa? MICKEY MOUSE: Yep
. DONALD DUCK: We sure did GOOFY: Well, where is he? MICKEY MOUSE: Well, the thing is, if you want Santa to come, you have to call him with the special Santa call. MINNIE: The special Santa call? DAISY: What's that?

Let's all ride Santa's sleigh

SANTA CLAUS: Well, look who's here. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Oh, and you too. How nice
How nice
. MICKEY MOUSE: Santa, we came to rescue you. SANTA CLAUS: Ooh, a rescue team. Thanks for coming. DONALD DUCK: You're welcome, Santa. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee. SANTA CLAUS: So tell me, rescuers, what are we gonna

Top of Mistletoe Mountain

DONALD DUCK: Are we there yet
DONALD DUCK: Are we there yet
? MICKEY MOUSE: Nope, but we gotta hurry. It's getting late. Do you see Mistletoe Mountain? MICKEY MOUSE: Yeah, there it is. MRS. CLAUS: We're almost there. Don't give up. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, let's run. Oh,