You can see Mickey's Comet

You can see Mickey's Comet
PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Would you look at that?
MICKEY MOUSE: Huh? Who said that? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Now there's something you don't see every day. MICKEY MOUSE: It's Professor Von Drake. Sounds like he's on the roof. Whee! Hiya, professor. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, Mickey. What a start you giving me! But I am so glad to see you anyways. I got big news for you here. Very soon we gonna be able to see, way up in the sky, the one, the only, Mickey's Comet.
way up in the sky, the one, the only, Mickey's Comet

Hoo-hoo. And a comet is a bunch of ice and dust that flies around and around and around outer space in a gigantic circle. Like this. MICKEY MOUSE: Wow! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Mickey's Comet is passing by the clubhouse only once every ten years. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee, that's a long time. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: I know. And today, right before it gets dark, is the only time we gonna get a good look at it. Oh, boy. A comet named after me. Heh, heh. And we'll be able to watch it right here through the telescope. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, ha, ha, not exactly. It's too cloudy. MICKEY MOUSE: But I don't see any clouds. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: As you can see, they gonna be
As you can see, they gonna be
blocking our outer-space viewing. But not to worry. Because I'm going to set up my very own portable telescope far away from the clubhouse and all of those inconsiderate clouds. MICKEY MOUSE: And we'll be able to see Mickey's Comet from there. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: You said it, Mickey Mouse. Come on, now. I've got lots to do. Tallyho. MICKEY MOUSE: I'll wait here for our friends. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Good thinking. Then you can all come and meet me. We can watch the comet together. Oh, one more thing. Three stars will going to appear in the sky, one at a time. When you are seeing the third star, that means it's time for Mickey's Comet to pop into view. So see you later, crocodile. Bye-bye now. MICKEY MOUSE: Wow, my very own comet! Ho-ho! I can't wait to see it. MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody. ALL: Hi, Mickey. PLUTO: Woof! Woof! MINNIE: We just saw the professor
We just saw the professor
and he told us all about Mickey's Comet. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee, that was quick. DAISY: Well, he was in a hurry to see that comet. DONALD DUCK: Me too. Let's go. MICKEY MOUSE: Say, anybody know where the professor was going? DAISY: Well, we thought you knew. MICKEY MOUSE: I forgot to ask. DAISY: The professor could be anywhere by now. We'll have to search for him. MICKEY MOUSE: Will you help us find the professor so we can all watch Mickey's Comet? You will? Hot dog. To the Mousekedoer.
To the Mousekedoer
Come on. MICKEY MOUSE [SINGING]: Mouseker-hey, Mouseker-hi, Mouseker-ho / Mouseker-ready, Mouseker-set, Here we go / You're a thinking and a solving / Working-througher / Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you, Mousekedoer / Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you, Mousekedoer / Oh, Toodles / It's time to get to it / Show us the Mousketools / To help us do it / Meeska, Mooska, Mousekedoer. / Mouseketools, Mouseketools, Mouseketools. CHORUS [SINGING]: Here are your Mouseketools.


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