See you real soon | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

WILLIE THE GIANT: Hello, my little friendsHello, my little friends. MICKEY MOUSE: Hiya, Willie! Say, can you blow up this blimp for us? WILLIE THE GIANT: Certainly! Uh, anything for my itty-bitty buddies. A cute

We have the plungers | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

ALL: Whoa! DONALD DUCK: Hey, hold it righthold it right. Ah! GOOFY: Gawrsh, Donald, watch out for that last step, it's the dooziest! MICKEY MOUSE: Another tricky trap. MINNIE: I don't see any other way in. We're gonna have to find a way to get up the slide.

Plunderin' Pete song | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

PETE [singing]: Oh, I am a clever kitty and I like things
I am a clever kitty and I like things
that are pretty. I collect them all inside my hideaway, yes, I do!

The gooey fish | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

GOOFY: Holy mackerelHoly mackerel! DAISY: That's one big, gooey fish! If we don't get that gooey fish out of our way, we'll never catch Pete! MINNIE: And then we'll never get the Crystal

A tricky trap | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Drive safelyDrive safely, would you! And keep an eye out for Plunderin' Pete's tricky traps! GOOFY: Where there's trouble he'll be there. DAISY: On the double so bad guys,

Shows us the way | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: A two-handed handy craneA two-handed handy crane. Handier than ever! A trash can. Some plungers. GOOFY: Well, I like plungers! MICKEY MOUSE: And the mystery

Quest for the Crystal Mickey | Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody. Take a look at my new globeTake a look at my new globe. It shows us where all the land and water around the world is. There are so many places to see, like deserts and jungles and... What's going on? PETE: Oh, yeah! MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, no!