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PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Drive safelyDrive safely, would you! And keep an eye out for Plunderin' Pete's tricky traps! GOOFY: Where there's trouble he'll be there. DAISY: On the double so bad guys, beware. MINNIE: He faces danger without a care. ALL: Kansas City MickeyKansas City Mickey! Kansas City Mickey! He'll go down in history! MICKEY MOUSE: That's me! PETE: Catchy tune! But Kansas City Mickey will be singing a different tune soon enough! And I'll have this beautiful Crystal Mickey all to myself. Behold, Plunderin' Pete's sandcastle trap! MICKEY MOUSE: Yikes! MINNIE: Oh, no! GOOFY: Well, I got to hand it to Plunderin' Pete. This is a tricky trapThis is a tricky trap. DAISY: How can we find our way out? MICKEY MOUSE: How about we try digging our way out. Everybody say: Oh, Toodles! ALL: Oh, Toodles! TOODLES: Did someone call me? MICKEY MOUSE: We have the two-handed handy crane. A trash can. Plungers and the mystery Mouseketool. Which one can help us dig out of these tunnelsWhich one can help us dig out of these tunnels? DAISY: Well, the handy crane is good for lifting things, but we need something that can scoop the sand out. What can we use like a scoop? MICKEY MOUSE: The trash can. Good idea. We've got ears, say: cheers! DONALD DUCK: Let's start digging! MICKEY MOUSE: Watch this, everybody. Oh, boy! We're back on the roadWe're back on the road! Whoa! It's Professor von Drake. Hello, professor. How are things at the Clubhouse? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Goo! Things are sinking fast! It's only a matter of time before the whole entire Clubhouse goes goodbye-bye and totally disappears. So how's everything? MICKEY MOUSE: Well, we reached the desert and now we're moving as fast as we canwe're moving as fast as we can. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: See you real soon, I hope. And hurry it up while you're at it. Over and out. MICKEY MOUSE: OK, adventurers. Our next stop is the rushing river. Where is the rushing river? That's it! Let's go! PETE: Wish me bone voyage-y, Clubhousers. Too bad you didn't bring a boat! I did! MINNIE: There he goes! Plunderin' Pete's getting away! GOOFY: Did anybody pack a canoe? MICKEY MOUSE: Who needs a canoe when you've got a ramblin' scrambleryou've got a ramblin' scrambler. PETE: Oh, chicken feathers! Their fancy buggy can swim! Well, no matter. I'll sink their hopes soon enough. Good thing I have another one of my tricky traps ready and waiting. Behold! It's my gigantic gooey fish trap! Watch A tricky trap video

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