The gooey fish | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

GOOFY: Holy mackerelHoly mackerel! DAISY: That's one big, gooey fish! If we don't get that gooey fish out of our way, we'll never catch Pete! MINNIE: And then we'll never get the Crystal
Mickey and the meeska mooska magic backmagic back! MICKEY MOUSE: We need a Mouseketool. Everybody say... ALL: Oh, Toodles! MICKEY MOUSE: We have the two-handed handy crane. Plungers and the mystery Mouseketool. GOOFY: Hmm, which Mouseketool can help us get the gooey fish out of the way? DONALD DUCK: I know! The two-handed handy crane! MICKEY MOUSE: Yeah! Its two big hands can pick up the gooey fish and move ittwo big hands can pick up the gooey fish and move it. We've got ears, say "cheers!" DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy! What a catch! MICKEY MOUSE: You hooked a big one, Donald. MICKEY MOUSE: Now, let's see. We've been to the sandy desert and the rushing river. Now we have to goNow we have to go to the hidden jungle. Where's the hidden jungle? Right! That's where we'll find Plunderin' Pete's way-out-of-the-way hideaway. Come on, let's go! PETE: Well, here we are. My way-out-of-the-way hideaway! We're home, Crystal Mickey. I just know you're gonna be happy here. And if those Clubhousers follow us, I have a surprise waiting for them, too. Watch The gooey fish video

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