We have the plungers | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

ALL: Whoa! DONALD DUCK: Hey, hold it righthold it right. Ah! GOOFY: Gawrsh, Donald, watch out for that last step, it's the dooziest! MICKEY MOUSE: Another tricky trap. MINNIE: I don't see any other way in. We're gonna have to find a way to get up the slide. MICKEY MOUSE: What we need is a Mouseketool. Everybody say, "oh, toodles!" ALL: Oh, Toodles! MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see! We have the plungers and the mystery MouseketoolWe have the plungers and the mystery Mouseketool. Can the plungers help us get up the slide? MINNIE: Well, the plungers have big suction cups on their ends, just like toodles' arrow, and it stuck to the slide. MICKEY MOUSE: So maybe we could hang onto the plungers as we climb. Let's try it! GOOFY: Oh, boy! Plungers! MICKEY MOUSE: we've got ears, say "cheers!" MICKEY MOUSE: Watch this! Come on, everybody. Let's grab onto the handles and climb upLet's grab onto the handles and climb up. Hot dog! PETE: I am going to put you right here in a place of honor. Right between the golden bicycle helmet of Achilles and Cleopatra's singing parasol! MICKEY MOUSE: Ha-ha-ha yourself, Plunderin' Pete! PETE: Kansas City Mickey! MICKEY MOUSE: I'm here to take the Crystal Mickey homeI'm here to take the Crystal Mickey home. PETE: You can't have him! We've become good friends. MINNIE: Pete, it doesn't belong to you. DAISY: And you know it! PETE: Oh, I know I know it. It's just that I like to be surrounded by nice things. I have a great idea, you could just give him to me. ALL: No! PETE: Well, then be that way! I've made special plans in case outsiders like you get in my way. Hear that? By playing that tune on my ancient Babylonian xylophonianplaying that tune on my ancient Babylonian xylophonian, I have set into motion... That! And that! And that over there, too! Behold! Plunderin' Pete's ultimate trap! MICKEY MOUSE: But Plunderin' Pete, you're trapped in here with us. PETE: I sure am! Cheese weasels! No, no, no, no, let me out. Let me outLet me out! Please! Wait a minute. There is a way out. To make the doors and windows open up again. All I have to do is play another tune. A different one! Oh! The tune's too hard to play all by myself. I'm gonna need some help, maybe from my friends. DONALD DUCK: You got to be kidding me. Watch We have the plungers video

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