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MICKEY MOUSE: A two-handed handy craneA two-handed handy crane. Handier than ever! A trash can. Some plungers. GOOFY: Well, I like plungers! MICKEY MOUSE: And the mystery
Mouseketool. That's a surprise toolThat's a surprise tool that can help us later. MICKEY MOUSE: Toodles has the tools! The Mouseketools! So when we need them toodles will bring them! He's here for meedles and youdles. And all we have to say is: Oh, toodles! All we have to say is: Oh, toodles! MICKEY MOUSE: All right! We've got our Mouseketools. But where do we go to find Plunderin' Pete and get the Crystal Mickey? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Where do we go? I don't know that! That's why you're gonna need this map, Mickey. It shows us the way to PlunderinIt shows us the way to Plunderin Pete's way-out-of-the-way hideaway in the hidden jungle. MICKEY MOUSE: First we go to the sandy desert. Then to the rushing river, which will lead us to the hidden jungle. And then we'll find Plunderin' Pete's out-of-the-way hideaway. Come on! I know the fastest way to get there! MICKEY MOUSE: Climb aboard, everybody, 'cause we've got an adventure ahead of uswe've got an adventure ahead of us with me, Kansas City Mickey! CHORUS: Kansas City Mickey! Kansas City Mickey! MICKEY MOUSE: I'm all about adventure! CHORUS: He'll go down in history! DAISY: Oh, my! Doesn't he look dashing in that hat? MINNIE: What a mouse! DONALD DUCK: Oh, brother! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Feast your eyes on this incredible rolling roving rambling scrambler. I built it to be as rugged as you can be and ready for anything come what may. DONALD DUCK: Come on! Let's go! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Good luck, friends! I'm gonna stay here and keep watch on the Clubhousekeep watch on the Clubhouse. Check back with me to see how things are holding up. Or down, which is the opposite, you know. MINNIE: We better get going. We have to get the Crystal Mickey before everything disappears. MICKEY MOUSE: Minnie's right! Our first stop is the sandy desert. Where is the sandy desert? There it is! Hold on, everybody! The ramblin' scrambler is on the move! Watch Shows us the way video

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