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WILLIE THE GIANT: Hello, my little friendsHello, my little friends. MICKEY MOUSE: Hiya, Willie! Say, can you blow up this blimp for us? WILLIE THE GIANT: Certainly! Uh, anything for my itty-bitty buddies. A cute
little bunny. Duh, here you go! DAISY: Thanks, Willie. You've been a big help. WILLIE THE GIANT: You're welcome. Bye-bye! MICKEY MOUSE: OK. We've got to get back to the Clubhouse, and fast! I just hope we're in time. Thanks a lot, Plunderin' Pete! See you real soon. PETE: You're welcome, Mickey the Kansas City Mouse, see you real soon, tooMickey the Kansas City Mouse, see you real soon, too! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, such a pickle this is! If Mickey doesn't get back soon... MICKEY MOUSE: Professor von Drake! We've got the Crystal Mickey! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Hurry there, Mickey! You got to get the Crystal Mickey back where it belongs before the Clubhouse disappears! MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: All right then, once the Crystal Mickey and its meeska-mooska-magic are back in placethe Crystal Mickey and its meeska-mooska-magic are back in place, then the magic words should work and the Clubhouse would come back to us. MINNIE: OK, everyone, to make the Clubhouse appear, we have to say the magic words: Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse. Say it with me! ALL: Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse. MICKEY MOUSE: OK, Crystal Mickey, do your magicdo your magic. Whoa! MINNIE: Ah! Hooray, it's back! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, boy! Whoo! What a happy day! Just a second here, wait. Where is Kansas City Mickey? MICKEY MOUSE: Hot dog! The Clubhouse is back. Hi, everybody. We did it! GOOFY: Where there's trouble he'll be there DAISY: On the double so bad guys, beware MINNIE: He faces danger without a care ALL: Kansas City Mickey! Kansas City Mickey! He'll go down in history! CHORUS: He'll go down in history! MICKEY MOUSE: That's me! DONALD DUCK: That's him! MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, boy! I love sharing a big adventure with my friendsI love sharing a big adventure with my friends. Let's all celebrate! Get up on your feet, and do... ALL: The hot dog dance! MICKEY MOUSE: Thanks for helping us find the Crystal Mickey today. We sure had a lot of fun. And I hope to see you again real soon. Keep dancing, everybody. Yeah! What a hot dog day! Watch See you real soon video

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