Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Pillows

Watch how Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends use pillows to catch Chip and Dale, Mousekeball, Prince Mickey's glass slipper, to carry sand with pillows cases, to make Pete sneeze
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Balloons
with pillow feathers, to make Prince Pete's chair more comfy-cozy, and more.


Mickey the Tin Mouse: A pillow. Scarecrow Goofy: How's this fluffy feather pillow
How's this fluffy feather pillow
going to help us? Witch Pete: Feathers? Oh, no. Not feathers. Feathers make me sneeze! Donald the Lion: Hey, watch it! Scarecrow Goofy: Let go of our mouseketool.
Let go of our mouseketool
Witch Pete: No. Scarecrow Goofy: Yes. Give it. Witch Pete: No, I won't and you can't make me. Oh, fizz wizzles. My magic is gone. Mickey the Tin Mouse: You mean, you're not a magical witch anymore? Witch Pete: No. Ain't it unbelievable? [singing]:
♪ Alone in my castle tower ♪
♪ All's I had was magic power. ♪
♪ Now I got nothing. ♪
All: Now he's got nothing. Witch Pete:
♪ I just said that. So true. ♪
♪ Tell me, what can I ever do ♪
♪ For power or a friend or two. ♪
♪ So I'd have something. ♪
All: So he'd have something!
So he'd have something!
Witch Pete: But now I've got nothing and plenty of it. And Minnie, I'm sorry I was so sneaky and took your magic shoes. I promise to be good from now on. Here you go. Minnie: Thank you. Minnie: Oh, my. Look who's up in the air. It's Chip and Dale
It's Chip and Dale
Goofy: Oh! Flying chipmunks? Dale: Whoo-hoo! Goofy: That's a new one. Minnie: And what are they flying on? Oh, yes. It looks like two of my Mouseke-Calendar pages. Mickey Mouse: Say, guys. You think you can come in for a landing? Chip: Well, we'd really like to. Dale: But we have one problem. Chip and Dale: We don't have a place to make a safe landing. Mickey Mouse: I know something that might help you land safely, a Mouseketool. Goofy: Yeah. A pillow is soft.
A pillow is soft
And I bet it would make a really soft landing for Chip and Dale. You can't get any softer... I mean, safer than that. Mickey Mouse: Let's try it. Chip and Dale: Whee! Thanks for the help. And thank you too. Goofy: Can we carry the sand with pillows? Minnie: No, Goofy! But, maybe we can take the pillows out of their pillow cases. Daisy: And fill the pillow cases with sand! Goofy: Yippee, I knew we could use them pillows! Pete the Genie: Okay, everybody, step right up and get your pillow cases filled by the one and only Genie O' the Desert!
filled by the one and only Genie O' the Desert!
Daisy: Oh, goody! With all this sand,
With all this sand
we'll be able to make the best sandcastle ever! Pete the Genie: Well, I love making sandcastles. Mickey Mouse: Come on back to the Clubhouse with us, Pete the Genie! Pete the Genie: Aw, you're the best! Minnie: Oh, dear. We were all so quiet. Prince Pete, why did you wake up? Prince Pete: I just can't get comfy-womfy.
I just can't get comfy-womfy
My Golden Lounge Chair's all lumpy. Daisy: Maybe there's a Mouseketool that can help make Prince Pete's chair more comfy. Mickey Mouse: Do you think the pillows can help make Prince Pete's chair more comfy-cozy? I think so too. Goofy: Gosh, look at all the puffy pillows.
look at all the puffy pillows
How many of them are there? Come on, count them with me. One, two, three four, five, six, seven eight, nine, ten! Minnie: Look, there are already ten pillows on Prince Pete's chair. So let's add on the others. So let's add on the others. Count the pillows with us, starting with ten. All: Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen! Prince Pete: Whoa! That's some high pile of pillows. Now I just need to get on top to test it out. Minnie: These extra pillows will sure help Prince Pete take a nap now. Prince Pete: I made it to the top. All right. Here we go. Goofy: Okey-dokey.
Prince Mickey: I don't think it's gonna fit. Now, let me get that off. Uh-oh. The glass slipper is gonna fall and break. Goofy: I know what to do! Can we use the soft pillow to catch the slipper? I think we can! I'll catch it. Here you go, Prince Mickey, one fancy dancing shoe.
one fancy dancing shoe
Prince Mickey: Thank you. I just hope I can find the princess who lost it. Pete: Say, what's everybody floatin' about for?
what's everybody floatin' about for?
We gotta catch us that Mousekeball. Goofy: But how? Mickey Mouse: What we need is a Mouseketool. Goofy: But we can't go to sleep now. Daisy: We're not going to sleep, Goofy. Minnie: But how can a pillowcase help us catch the Mousekeball? Mickey Mouse: Well, maybe we can use it like a bag to trap the Mousekeball. But we've all got to do this together. Okay, fellow flyers, let's bag that ball! Daisy: Upsie-Daisy! Donald Duck: Oh, boy, here we go! Pete: Striker Pete's famous hoverin' soccer kick comin' right up! Kick! Mickey Mouse: Comin' at you, Pluto!
Comin' at you, Pluto!
Hooray! You did it! Okay, everybody, start counting Mouseke-seconds. Ready? All: Mouseke-one, mouseke-two, mouseke-three! Mickey Mouse: Hot dog, we did it! We all caught the Mousekeball together. All: Hooray!

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