Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Handy Fishing Pole

Watch as Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends use handy fishing pole to lower playing cards, get the bunny back, caught eggs, save Clarabelle's Moo Muffins, find Pixelated-Petey doll, reach Chip and Dale's walnuts.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Handy Fishing Pole


Mickey Mouse: My handy fishing pole. With my handy fishing pole, we can gently lower
With my handy fishing pole, we can gently lower
the last two playing cards down on the birdhouse. Daisy: Watch out! Mickey Mouse: Go slow and easy. Easy. Hot dog! Daisy: Oh, goody, you did it! Minnie: Hooray! Goofy [singing]:
♪ I'm building a birdie house ♪
♪ Next to me and my pal Mickey Mouse ♪
♪ With a tweet, tweet, tweet it's gonna be sweet ♪
♪ I'm building a birdie house ♪
♪ I'm building a birdie house ♪
Mickey Mouse: My handy fishing pole. Well, we already have a carrot. If we put it on the fishing pole, do you think we can get the bunny back? Goofy: Sure, Mickey. Let's see if the bunny will come out and grab the carrot. I'm fishing for a bunny rabbit. Mickey Mouse: Let's help Goofy cast the fishing line. Reach way back with the fishing pole,
Reach way back with the fishing pole
then cast the line to the left! Is the bunny on the left? Nope. Let's try the other side. Cast the line to the right! Hmm. Is the bunny on the right? Goofy: Yep. There he is. Help me reel him in, everybody. Mickey Mouse: Look, it's working. Goofy: We got the bunny back! Good fishing, everybody. Daisy: Oh, the bunny is so cuddly. I'm gonna call him Captain Jumps-A-Lot.
I'm gonna call him Captain Jumps-A-Lot
Goofy: I bet the handy fishing pole will help us! Because it's good for catching things! Donald Duck: I'll get them down! Daisy: Let's help Donald cast the fishing pole!
Let's help Donald cast the fishing pole!
Reach way back with the fishing pole and cast! Donald Duck: Oh, boy! We caught one egg! Daisy: Let's cast again! Reach back and cast! Hooray! We caught the other egg! Thanks for helping us catch the eggs, everybody! What shape is decorating this egg? Stars! Right! And what shape is decorating this egg? These are diamonds. Goofy: Come to Papa, little hat. Donald Duck: Watch out! Watch where you're going! Goofy! Mickey Mouse: Listen, guys, it's not safe to get too close to a swingin' cow.
it's not safe to get too close to a swingin' cow
Donald Duck: Or to a goof. Goofy: But, Mickey, if we can't get close, how can we get Mrs. Cow out of the tire? Mickey Mouse: Well, I think we need... Donald Duck: A Mouseketool! Goofy: I was just gonna suggest that. Donald Duck: Okay, here I go! I did it! Goofy: Okey-dokey, Mrs. Cow. Everything's all right now. Just wiggle yourself out and... Clarabelle: Ooh! Take a look at this delightful delight from Chip and Dale, the Nutty Nutcake. And last but not least, let me present my latest creation.
♪ Moosical Moo Muffins ♪
♪ They're very Moosical, you see ♪
♪ When you take a bite they play a tune that goes. ♪
♪ Do-re-mi ♪
Minnie: Oh, dear. That little egg could get squished. Daisy: Clarabelle! Look out! Clarabelle: Oh! Goodness me! Oh, say it isn't so! Somebody save my Moo Muffins. Mickey Mouse: I know just the somebody who can help you, Clarabelle. Come to Mickey, Moo Muffins. Clarabelle: A million thanks to you, Mickey.
A million thanks to you, Mickey
My muffins are still good enough to eat. Have a Moosical Moo Muffin, everyone. Minnie: Oh! Goofy: Mmm. Chip and Dale: Ooh, yum, yum. Mickey Mouse: Wow! Goofy: Boy, that was do-re-mi-licious. Donald Duck: And fun! Minnie: Oh, but the fun's not over yet, boys. Pete: I sure wish it was shining bright again. Mickey Mouse: That's why we're here. Goofy: To get the Mouseke-Core glowing again. Pete: Whoa, you mean you can do that? Mickey Mouse: We're gonna try. It looks like the Liquid Light should flow from here, through that pipe, into the canal, and the canal would then carry the Liquid Light all the way to the Mouseke-Core. But something must be stopping it. Goofy: Hmm. Something's clogging the pipe. Pete: Ooh, I bet somebody's been dumping digi-trash into my lake. Everybody knows it's not nice to throw trash in a lake. Hmph. How can we get it out? Mickey Mouse: With a little thing we call a Mouseketool. Goofy: Okie dokie. Let's see what we catch. Shucks, not even a nibble. Donald Duck: Step aside. I'll show you how it's done. Huh? Ooh, I got something big. Give me a hand. Pete: Well, mega my bytes! My Pixelated-Petey doll.
My Pixelated-Petey doll
Uh, he must have gone overboard. Oh, poor little fella. Goofy: So, your dolly was the problem? Pete: Well, not on purpose. And little Petey is very sorry. Aren't you? [in high-pitched voice] Yeah, I'm very sorry. I'm not a bad boy. [in normal voice] See? Mickey Mouse: Hiya, fellas. Toodles and I just came by to get the Professor's hammer. We've gotta return it to him so he can finish his surprise invention. Chip and Dale: No problem, Mickey. Chip: But first, can we use it to open the door of our nutty tree? It's stuck! Dale: And all our walnuts are inside. Mickey Mouse: You betcha. We could even help. Chip: Thanks, Mickey. We've been trying to hammer on the door... Dale: But it won't budge. Mickey Mouse: Well, maybe we can use this side of the hammer to pull the door open. Get ready. One, two, three. Chip: Here come the walnuts! Dale: And there they go! Chip: I can see 'em! But I can't reach 'em! Dale: Oh, how will we get 'em out? Mickey Mouse: We're gonna need a Mouseketool. Chip: Let's go fishing!
Let's go fishing!
Dale: There's one walnut. Chip: And here's the other walnut. Dale: It worked! We got our walnuts. One, two, three, uh... four of em. Chip: Here's the Professor's hammer back. Please thank him for us. Dale: Thank you, too, Toodles.
♪ Oh, what would we do without youdles, Toodles? ♪
♪ What would we do without you? ♪
Chip and Dale: Bye-bye. Mickey Mouse: See ya later, fellas.

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