Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Roller Skates

Watch how Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends use roller skates to go over the hills really fast, to glide across the ground, to be super speedy, and with
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Roller Skates
giant roller skates get the plane rolling.


Mickey Mouse: Can we use roller skates to go over the hills really fast?
Can we use roller skates to go over the hills really fast?
You bet ya! Minnie: Come on. Let's hurry while the soup is still hot. Mickey Mouse: Help us skate over the hills. Move your feet back and forth and skate with us. Skate, skate, skate. All: Skate, skate, skate. Minnie: Here comes Pete on wheels.
Here comes Pete on wheels.
Donald Duck: Exasperating! Mickey Mouse: All right, everybody. We've got to skate twice as fast.
We've got to skate twice as fast
Skate, skate, skate. All: Skate, skate, skate. Pete: Oh, what's going on here? Oh, triple drat! All: Skate, skate, skate. Mickey Mouse: We made it to Goofy's tent! All: Hooray! Donald Duck: We did it!
♪ Look at me I'm ready to go ♪
♪ Point me toward that fluffy white snow ♪
Goofy: Uh, Mickey, no fluffy white snow. How am I gonna ski without snow? Mickey Mouse: Well, maybe there's something you could use instead of skis to practice on. How about using a Mousekeedoodle? Mickey Mouse: But how about roller skates? Goofy: You think I could use roller skates to glide across the ground
You think I could use roller skates to glide across the ground
like I'm skiing? Yeah! Me, too. It's just like skiing,
It's just like skiing
only squeakier. There's nothing to it! Whoa, whoa! Mickey Mouse: Come on, Pluto. We'd better catch up to Goofy. Gee Goof, are you okay?
Gee Goof, are you okay?
Goofy: Okay? Why, I just practiced skiin', and it was fun! Let's go back to the top and do her again! Mickey Mouse: There's no time. You still have to practice the third thing for the obstacle course. Goofy: Don't tell me. I know what that is. Jump, ski, crawl. Jump, ski, crawl. The third thing is crawlin'! Mickey Mouse: Yup. And this looks like a great place to do just that. In the obstacle course, you have to crawl over, under and through things. So, if you're running up to something big, like this rock,
like this rock
are you going to crawl over it, under it, or through it? Goofy: What do you think? Yup, indeedy! I'll crawl over it. Crawl with me, everyone. Mickey Mouse: Okay, next there's a branch.
there's a branch
Do you crawl over, under, or through it? Goofy: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Yup! You crawl under a branch. Mickey Mouse: Now how about this tire swing?
tire swing
Crawl over, under, or through it? Goofy: Well, let's take a looksie together. Hmm. Looks like I should crawl through! Mickey Mouse: Congratulations, pal. Minnie: Oh my, Goofy wasn't super speedy, was he? Daisy: No, not really. If Goofy wants to be a superhero and help people, he's gotta be able to get to places really fast, even faster than a bunny rabbit. Minnie: Do you think a Mouseketool could help Goofy be super speedy? Mickey Mouse: Good idea, Min. Yeah, the roller skates!
the roller skates
Daisy: Here we go again. On your super-marks! Get super-set!
Get super-set
Super-go! Goofy: Whoa! Mickey Mouse: Wow, look at Goofy go! C'mon, let's count those flags by tens all the way to 40 as Goofy passes them again. But this time let's count faster! Ten! Twenty! Thirty! Forty! All right! Donald Duck: Look at that! Goofy: Whoa! Now, that's speedy!
Now, that's speedy
Thanks, pal! Goofy: Come back, baby Dinah!
Come back, baby Dinah
Now how are we gonna catch her? That rolly coaster's going really fast! Mickey Mouse: Then we need a really fast Mouseketool! What Mouseketool can go really fast? Goofy: Yup! The roller skates! Mickey Mouse: They're speedy! Goofy: Ready, Freddy, here I go! Whoa! Daisy: Why, hello, boys. Looks like you have a problem! Goofy: Why, it's Daisy O'Dare, the famous adventurer!
Daisy O'Dare, the famous adventurer
We sure do have a problem, Miss O'Dare. I'm Gears Goofy, airplane mechanic.
Gears Goofy, airplane mechanic
And that there's Captain Pluto, the flying canine!
Captain Pluto, the flying canine
Mickey Mouse: Say, what's wrong with your plane? Goofy: We had a bumpy landing and the two tires both went ker-pop! You know a plane can't take off till it rolls on the ground and picks up speed! And you can't do that with two flat tires. Daisy: Well, we can help fix your plane's tires with a Mouseketool! Mickey Mouse: Good thinking, Daisy O'Dare. Goofy: Roller skates have wheels. Being a mechanic and all, I'd say the giant roller skates should get the plane rolling!
the giant roller skates should get the plane rolling
Captain Pluto says, "Thanks a bunch!" Is there anything we can do for you? Daisy: Well, we're looking for a jigsaw puzzle piece. Goofy: Oh, you mean, uh, like this one? Oh, goody-goody. Daisy: That's exactly what we're looking for! Goofy: Then, it's all yours, Daisy O'Dare! Pete: Ha-ha! Daisy: Oh, my! Goofy: Uh-oh! It's that rascal, Safari Pete!
Safari Pete
Pete: You're doggone tooting it's me! Come to Papa, little puzzle piece! Mickey Mouse: I wonder if Safari Pete is after the puzzle piece, so he can get to the Golden Boo Boo first. Daisy: Not while Daisy O'Dare is around! I believe that belongs to us. Pete: Oh, cliffhangers! Daisy: Ta-da! Pete: That was pretty brave and clever, Daisy O'Dare! But you haven't seen the last of me yet! So there!

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