Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Ball Of Yarn

Watch as Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends use ball of yarn to slow down a cat because cats like to play with strings, or to replace a string on Mickey's ukulele.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Ball Of Yarn


Mickey Mouse: Can a ball of yarn slow down a cat?
Can a ball of yarn slow down a cat?
Daisy: It's a good thing I brought this. Mickey Mouse: A big bow? Daisy: This isn't just any big bow. It's my secret spy bow.
It's my secret spy bow
Watch. Mickey Mouse: Wow! Minnie: Oh, my! Pete: All this running's making me hungry. I just gotta make it to Clarabelle's bakery. Minnie: Hurry, Pluto. We have to go. Pluto: [barking] Daisy: Come on, secret spies. We're almost to Clarabelle's bakery. Pete: Well, good thing I got my own spy gadgety thingamajigs
spy gadgety thingamajigs
to help me get around. Mickey Mouse: There's Clarabelle's bakery. Daisy: But look! Pete! Pete: Cookie recipe, here I come! Minnie: We need something to slow down that cat. Mickey Mouse: Cats love to play with yarn. Maybe Pete will, too. Daisy: Help me toss the ball of yarn to Pete.
Help me toss the ball of yarn to Pete
Toss it! Toss it! Pete: What's this? A ball of yarn? You think you could stop me with this? Ha! That's... That's c... Oh, well. It's kind of oddly compelling, no? Ooh, fuzzy. And fun, too! Whee! Ooh. Daisy: Look, it worked! Pete stopped to play with the ball of yarn. Great work, secret spies. Mickey Mouse: I think Goofy's got the right idea. Donald Duck: OK, Junior! We've got to practice! Step, step, step... Mickey Mouse: Hold on, Donald! How about some music to help us learn the dance? Hot dog! It's my ukulele! Oh, gosh, I haven't played it in a while. Uh-oh! Looks like I need a new string.
Looks like I need a new string
Maybe Toodles has a Mouseketool that can help me fix my ukulele. Which Mouseketool can we use to replace my ukulele string? The ball of yarn? Yep! We can use a piece of yarn for the string! Thanks, Handy Helper! Ready, Donald? Donald Duck: Yep! Come on, Junior! Junior: Yeah! Donald Duck: Step, step, step, step! Kick this way, kick that way. Now what? Mickey Mouse: Gee, sounds like something's going on outside. Let's go see! Minnie: Hiya, boys! Give us a little room, because Daisy and I and Hilda are gonna practice our roller-skating act!
roller-skating act
Oh! One skating rink, coming up! Donald Duck: Huh?
♪ Skating around is lots of fun ♪
♪ We'll disco skate until we're done ♪
♪ Practicing twirls and fancy moves ♪
♪ Roller skate with us and feel the groove ♪
♪ Come on, let's skate and make a perfect figure eight ♪
♪ Ooh, la la, ooh, la la ♪
♪ Oh now, let's skate an 'O' a circle or a zero ♪
♪ Ooh, la la, ooh, la la ♪ ♪ And then we'll be all done lined up like number one ♪
♪ Ooh, la la, ooh, la la! ♪
Donald Duck: Okay, O'Dare, it's yours.
Okay, O'Dare, it's yours
Daisy: Huh? Oh, no! Donald Duck: Hey, what's the big idea? Pete: We'll just see how brave and clever you really are, Daisy O'Dare! You won't get this puzzle piece because you'll never find me! Mickey Mouse: That sneaky Pete! He could be hiding anywhere behind that wall.
He could be hiding anywhere behind that wall
Daisy: Let's see that big cat keep away from this! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Pete: Oh! Can't help myself. Ooh! How my little kitty heart yearns for yarn. Ooh, so cozy and comfy! It's just so instinctually fun.
It's just so instinctually fun
Oh, cheese-willikers! Lost another one! But I'll be back.
♪ She's Secret Spy Daisy ♪
♪ She's a spy ♪
♪ A secret spy ♪
♪ Who wants to be a secret spy with me? ♪
Mickey Mouse: I do! Minnie: Me too! Daisy: Oh, goody.
♪ She's Secret Spy Daisy ♪
♪ She's a spy ♪
♪ A secret spy ♪
♪ Come on and be a secret spy with me ♪
Daisy: We need to go faster.
We need to go faster
Hold on! Pete: Double-O drat! Whoa! Minnie: Oh, no! Daisy: We have to slow him down. Mickey Mouse: This is a job for a Mouseketool. Ooh, this should really surprise him. Pete: Uh-oh! Bubble trouble! Whoa! All these bubbles are tickling me. Daisy: Oh, goody! Minnie: All right! Pete: We're here for you, Grammy! Grammy: Oh! And just in time, too, Petey. Ya-hoo! Oh! Pete: Grammy, you're okay! Grammy: Yes, I am, dear. I'm safe and sound and I smell like coconut! Thank you all for helping me. Goofy: One extra-large Alphabet Special loaded with veggies from asparagus to zourkraut... I mean, zucchini. Just what the Grammy ordered. Grammy: That means there's enough for everybody. Care to join me and Petey for a pizza picnic, kids? Mickey Mouse: And how! Pluto: [barks] Minnie: It sounds yummy!

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