Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Safety Scissors Pole

Watch as Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends use handy safety scissors to snip the apple from the tree, to open a box, to harvest a daffodil by cutting the stem with safety scissors, to cut things.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse How To Use Safety Scissors


Mickey Mouse: Are we strong enough? Hoo, we sure are! Goofy: Yeah! We're strong, too! Mickey Mouse: Come on. Let's go get the biggest golden apple off that tree. Donald Duck: Wow! Look at that! Goofy: The Tree Of Golden Apples.
The Tree Of Golden Apples
Mickey Mouse: Which apple is the biggest? Right. That one! Come on, guys. Give me a hand. Goofy: How about two? Donald Duck: Make that four! Ahh, phooey. Mickey Mouse: Hmm. Let's think. We can't use our strength to get that apple, but can we use our smarts? You bet we can! Let's check our mouseketools. Mickey Mouse: Right. We can snip the apple from the tree. OK. Hold out two fingers and help me snip the apple stem. Ready? And snip! Donald Duck: Oof! Got it! Ha ha! Mickey Mouse: What a team!
What a team!
Let's go give Pete the apple. Ha ha! And remember...
♪ We need to find the harp ♪
♪ We never must give up ♪
♪ We all have to play it ♪
♪ To wake Minnie up. ♪
All: ♪ To wake Minnie up ♪
Daisy: I just bought a blue bow. It's in one of these boxes. Mickey Mouse: Sure are a lot of boxes. Which one's it in? Daisy: I don't remember. Mickey Mouse: We gotta hurry. Will you help us find the box that has Daisy's blue bow? Thanks! Say, Daisy, how wide is your bow? Daisy: It's this wide, exactly. Mickey Mouse: Is this box wide enough? Daisy: No, that box is too narrow. Mickey Mouse: How about this one? Will this box work? Daisy: No, that box is too wide. Mickey Mouse: Well, is this box wide enough? Daisy: It's a perfect match. Mickey Mouse: Then this is the box that has Daisy's blue bow inside.
box that has Daisy's blue bow inside
Donald Duck: I'll open it! Daisy: Everything is losing it's color. Professor Von Drake: We gonna need one of those mouseke-tooly thingamajigies to help us open the box. Mickey Mouse: Will safety scissors help us open the box?
safety scissors help us open the box
Daisy: Of course they will, because they can cut the ribbon. Mickey Mouse: Here you go, Donald. Donald Duck: Thanks, Mickey. Mickey Mouse: OK, color collectors, let's help Donald cut the ribbon. Make scissors with your fingers. And go snip, snip, snip. All: Wow! Professor Von Drake: Look at the blue! You found the fifth color of the rainbow, blue! Goofy: This flower is yellow, and it has six petals. It's a daffodil! Mickey Mouse: Hot dog. We found a daffodil for Clarabelle. Daisy: Oh, but we need something to cut it with. Donald Duck: Ah, it's always something. Goofy: Say, maybe one of them moosekedoodles, mishkebubbles... Uh, I mean, Mouseketools could help. Mickey Mouse: Good idea. Mickey Mouse: The safety scissors. You betcha. Goofy: Here goes nothing. Cut, cut, cut, I got it!
cut, I got it!
Donald Duck: Oh, boy! Minnie: Perfect! Pete: All right! The baskets are full but my tummy's runnin' on empty. So without further ado... let's eat a bunch! Mickey Mouse: All right! Minnie: Let's go! Daisy: Comin' through! Donald Duck: Out of my way! Goofy: Save me an apple! Pete: Move it or lose it! Pluto: [barks] Mickey Mouse: Wait a minute, everybody! We can't forget the broccoli. Goofy: That's a whole lot of vegetable! Mickey Mouse: We need a Mouseketool that can help us cut down the broccoli. Then we can move it over to the Clubhouse. Pete: Oh, good thinkin'! I like how you kids work things out! Safety scissors. Goofy: Scissors cut things.
Scissors cut things
And that's just what we need! Mickey Mouse: Timber! Pete: Okay, Mickey the Mouse. Now can we eat? Mickey Mouse: Oh, you betcha! Pete: Oh, now this is what I call a meal!
now this is what I call a meal!
Mickey Mouse: I'm glad you like it, Pete, Mickey Mouse: So let's go to Minnie's Bow-tique! ALL [CHANTING]: Minnie! Minnie! Minnie! Minnie: Thank you. Thank you all for coming! Now, when I cut the ribbon, it means Minnie's Bow-tique is open for business. Then you can all see my selection of bows. Welcome to... Oh, my! Mickey, I don't have anything to cut the ribbon with! Mickey Mouse: Let's call for a Mouseketool. Minnie: The safety scissors would be just the thing. Minnie: Okay! Will you help me cut the ribbon? Mickey Mouse: Come on, everybody. Hold up your arms When Minnie says, "Cut" we'll all cut the ribbon together.
we'll all cut the ribbon together
Ready? Minnie: Cut. Cut. Cut.
♪ Welcome to my new Bow-tique ♪
♪ Where each and every bow's unique ♪
♪ If fun and fashion are what you seek ♪
♪ Come inside and take a peek ♪
♪ You'll find every kind of bow ♪
♪ And bow ties, too, you know ♪
♪ So no matter what your style ♪
♪ Shopping here is worth your while ♪
♪ If fun and fashion are what you seek ♪
♪ You're always welcome at Minnie's Bow-tique. ♪
Professor Von Drake: Why doesn't both of you take a turn, hmm? Donald Duck: Okay. It's my turn! Goofy: Aw, shucks! We're stuck, in seaweed!
We're stuck, in seaweed!
Donald Duck: I'm sorry, Goofy. Goofy: I'm sorry too. I should've let you have a turn at the wheel. Mickey Mouse: Aw, don't worry, fellows. We won't be stuck here for long. This is what Mouseketools are for! Goofy: Oh, boy! Donald Duck: We did it! Mickey Mouse: Engines full ahead! All: Aye, aye, Captain Mickey! Professor Von Drake: Here we go! Daisy: Ooh! Now we can keep going, all the way to the very bottom of the lake. Minnie: Where we'll find Mickey's lucky coin!
♪ We're off in a sub to sail the seas ♪
♪ Down, bubble, down. ♪
♪ And we can dive deep as we please ♪
♪ Down, bubble, down. ♪

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