Life with Louie Full Cast Animated Series 1994–1998

Life with Louie Full Cast Animated Series 1994–1998
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animated series 1994–1998 created by Louie Anderson and Matthew O'Callaghan, produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company. The series was broadcast in 3 seasons: Life with Louie Season 1 1994–1996 Episode 1-13, Season 2 1996–1997 Episode 14-26 and Season 3 1997–1998 Episode 27-39.

Louie Anderson as Narrator / Louie / Andy Anderson (Dad), Edie McClurg as Ora Anderson (Mom), Justin Shenkarow as Michael Grunewald / Glen Glenn, Miko Hughes as Tommy. Debi Derryberry as Jeannie Harper, Tommy Hinkley as Earl Grunewald, Liz Sheridan as Mrs. Stillman, Troy Evans as Officer Perkins. Justin Jon Ross as Toddler Tobolinski, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Gus, Meagen Fay as Principal Halloran, Scott LaRose as Mr. Lambert, Gregg Berger as Announcer. Lynne Marie Stewart as Kitty Grunewald, Mary Wickes as Grandma, Benjamin Kimball Smith as Toddler, Eddie Deezen as Melvin, Mark Dakota Robinson as Scott Jensen, Kenneth Mars as The Mayor, Richard Doyle as Mr. Stevenson, Adam Consolo as Craig Eric, James Murray as Nightsniffer, Pamala Tyson as Mrs. Jensen, Stuart Pankin as Flannagan. Marc Robinson as Scott Jensen, Jess Harnell as Salesman, Jer Adrianne Lelliott as Teako, Ken Hudson Campbell as Ben Glenn, Inga Swenson as Grandma Helga, Jim Cummings as Smitty. Stephen Tobolowsky as Eric Anderson, Xander Berkeley as Pro Shop Cashier, Tommy Lasorda as Coach Larry Rockwell, Jim Belushi as Jack, Barry Corbin as Uncle Sammy, Joe Pantoliano as Jojo Stomopolous, Shelley Long as Sally Tubbs, Brian Doyle-Murray as Pete, Patrick Bristow as Counselor Rudy. Chick Hearn as Announcer, Edward Asner as Mr. Applegate, Finola Hughes as Miss Robertson, Sid Caesar as Marty Kazoo, Norman Fell as Vic, Robert Cait as Coach, Olivia Hack as Kelly Bassett, Laurie Metcalf as Miss Kinney, Aaron Michael Metchik as The Lanza Triplets, Jeff Cesario as Dr. Weatherfield, Patti Deutsch as Sylvia. Art Chudabala as Waiter Glenn Shadix as Angry Neighbor #2, Jack Blessing as Pepper, Miriam Flynn as Aunt Mimi, Jimmy Workman as Marvin, Richard Libertini as Mr. Marini, Joe Alaskey as Johnny Love, Paul McCrane as Mel, Cleandre Norman as The Umpire. David Ianello as Cousin Joey, Susan Eisenberg as Nurse, Benny Grant as Sean, Jon Polito as Red Meat, Hamilton Camp as Jen Glenn, Kevin Ruf as Veteran, Michael Horse as Indian Chief, Tracy Renée Cobb as Lana Harper, Dawn Zumo as Bus Driver, Roger Rose as Mr. Brown, Soon-Tek Oh as Buddhist Monk, Wallace Langham as Policeman.

Life with Louie Characters


The series characters was based on the childhood life of well-known stand-up comedian Louie Anderson.

The series won two Emmy Awards. It also won the Humanitas Prize three times, which is more than for any other animated series.

Season 1 episodes used a live-action intro by Louie Anderson talking to the audience about his childhood, then dissolving into the show.