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Tommy Anderson is a fictional character from Life with Louie animated seriesTommy Anderson
is a fictional character created by Louie Anderson and Matthew O'Callaghan in animated series produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company Life with Louie growing up with his family in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin during the early 1960s.


Thomas "Tommy" Anderson is Louie's youngest brother. He is naive and Louie tricks him many times.

LOUIE: Hey Tommy, come here!
LOUIE: Hey Tommy, come here!
TOMMY: What? Mom was I adopted from a frog face family? ORA: Of course not dear! LOUIE: Oh you think she'd tell you!

TOMMY: We'll find it Mrs Stallman. MRS. STILLMAN: well I think I looked there Tommy. LOUIE: Watch out Tommy.
Watch out Tommy
I'm not supposed to tell you this but there's no creatures under here. They grab onto your legs. They pull you into the white hole.

ORA: Andy I'm sure we have an extra box. LOUIE: We have an extra box. Why don't we put them around my room? ORA: Louie! LOUIE: They're on the show next to the paint thinner. You know, the paint thinner we used to get the gum out of Tommy's hair
gum out of Tommy's hair
three hours. ANDY: There's a box next to the paint thinner.

TOMMY: No school! LOUIE: What are you so excited about. You can't even go to school.

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Life with Louie 1 A Christmas Surprise for Mrs Stillman 1994.

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Miko Hughes

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