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Jeannie Harper is a fictional character from Life with Louie animated seriesJeannie Harper
is a fictional character created by Louie Anderson and Matthew O'Callaghan in animated series produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company Life with Louie growing up with his family in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin during the early 1960s.


Jeannie Harper is Louie's best friend. She often defends Louie from local bullies like Glen Glenn.

GLEN GLENN: What are you gonna do, well? LOUIE: Nothing you got me in a headlock. That's right, teach you to say my name without permission. LOUIE [narrating]: By now you're probably wondering why I even went out at recess. JEANNIE HARPER: Come down. I said put him down. GLEN GLENN: Why should I? JEANNIE: If you don't, I'll kiss you on the lips and give you cooties. GLEN GLENN: Yuck, see you tomorrow Lulu! LOUIE [narrating]: And she was by far the most beautiful fifth grader in the world.
the most beautiful fifth grader in the world
Of course I could never tell her thanks.

JEANNIE HARPER: Louie what are you doing here? Do you know what time it is? LOUIE: Time for me to do something I should have done hours ago. I wrote you a song. Just listen, please! Jeannie I'm sorry well what I did.
Jeannie I'm sorry well what I did
I wrecked the concert, I'll flip my lid. Oh Jeannie try this on for size please forgive me, I apologize. So what do you think? JEANNIE HARPER: I just have one thing to say. JEANNIE'S FATHER: Jeannie telephone, it's Sean. JEANNIE HARPER: Will you tell them I'll call him tomorrow. I'm kind of in the middle of something here. LOUIE: What were you gonna tell me? JEANNIE HARPER: Just this, play it again Louie!

ANDY: Stop, normally again! MIKE GRUNEWALD: That's your dad Louie? LOUIE: Yeah! TODDLER TOBOLINSKI: You're in trouble. JEANNIE HARPER: We gotta help him.
JEANNIE HARPER: We gotta help him
LOUIE: There's a liner on the side now let's get it.

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Life with Louie 1 A Christmas Surprise for Mrs Stillman 1994.

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Debi Derryberry

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