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You are invited to watch with full english subtitles The Little PrincessWatch for free The Little Princess (1939) with full english subtitles first Shirley Temple movie to be filmed completely in technicolor and her last major success as a child star. The film based on the novel "A Little Princess" by British novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett, tells us the story of a brave little girl named Sarah who proves to be a real princess even when fate is against her.

Main characters pictures and voice actors

Sara Crewe little princess Captain's daughter (Shirley Temple)Sara Crewe little princess Captain's daughter (Shirley Temple) Captain Reginald Crewe a wealthy English widower (Ian Hunter)Captain Reginald Crewe a wealthy English widower (Ian Hunter)
Rose Sara's teacher (Anita Louise)Rose Sara's teacher (Anita Louise) Geoffrey Hamilton the riding instructor (Richard Greene)Geoffrey Hamilton the riding instructor (Richard Greene)
Miss Amanda Minchin owner of School for Girls (Mary Nash)Miss Amanda Minchin owner of School for Girls (Mary Nash) Hubert Bertie Minchin Amanda's brother (Arthur Treacher)Hubert Bertie Minchin Amanda's brother (Arthur Treacher)
Becky poor girl Sara's best friend (Sybil Jason)Becky poor girl Sara's best friend (Sybil Jason) Ram Dass Lord Wickham's servant (Cesar Romero)Ram Dass Lord Wickham's servant (Cesar Romero)

Brief plot

Captain Crewe (Ian Hunter), a wealthy English widower, is called to service. He enrolls his daughter Sara (Shirley Temple) at Miss Minchin's (Mary Nash) boarding school for girls one of the most exclusive schools in Londonone of the most exclusive schools in London. CAPTAIN CREWE: Shall we say good-bye, like we used to at home? SARA: Yes daddy. CAPTAIN CREWE: All right then. Chin up, go to the window and look out. Say it as we used to. My daddy has to go away, but he'll return most any day. Any moment, I may see, my daddy coming back to meI may see, my daddy coming back to me. At the school, Sara is befriended by Miss Minchin's jolly brother Bertie (Arthur Treacher); her riding teacher, Geoffrey Hamilton (Richard Greene); her tutor, Rose (Anita Louise), who is in love with Geoffrey; Becky (Sybil Jason), the little scullery maid, and Ram Dass (Cesar Romero)Ram Dass (Cesar Romero), the servant of Lord Wickham (Miles Mander) who lives across the way. Little Sara is dubbed The Little Princess by her schoolmates because of her distinguished family. GIRL #1: She's just like a little princess, isn't she? GIRL #2: That's what she is, a princess. I expect now, some people around here won't think they're so smart. LAVINIA: Oh won't they? Wait and see, princess indeed!Wait and see, princess indeed! Despite her privilege, Sara is neither arrogant nor snobbish, but rather kind, generous and clever. On the day of Sara's birthday party, Miss Minchin receives word that Captain Crewe has been reported killed in action and all his assets confiscated by the enemy. To pay for Sara's expenses, Miss Minchin sells the girl's clothes and makes her a kitchen servantmakes her a kitchen servant, sending her to live in the attic. Rose is fired by Miss Minchin when she learns of her love affair, and Bertie leaves because he can no longer tolerate his sister's cruelty. Watch for free The Little Princess movie from 1939 with english subtitles and you will find what did Sara in these difficult conditions.

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music by Charles Ingle, lyrics by Albert Chevalier, performed by Arthur Treacher and Shirley Temple twice and The Fantasy, music by Samuel Pokrass, words by Walter Bullock, performed by Shirley Temple, Arthur Treacher, Mary Nash, Cesar Romero, Anita Louise, Richard Greene, and danced by Temple with unidentified ballerinas.