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Kelly Basset is a fictional character from Life with Louie animated seriesKelly Basset
is a fictional character created by Louie Anderson and Matthew O'Callaghan in animated series produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company Life with Louie in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin during the early 1960s.


Kelly Basset is a very nice little girl, Louie's age, who is always teased by the Lanza triplets, who call her "Daddy Girl" for no reason. Despite this, after ten years she is chosen Miss Minnesota.

KELLY BASSETT: Hi Louie, I'm glad to see you! LOUIE: Hi Kelly, what is new? Dental braces!
Dental braces
TOMMY: Kelly loves Louie! LOUIE: Go lick some poison ivy!

KELLY BASSETT: Hey Louie! LOUIE: I'm sorry about the other day Kelly you know when I hauled at you like a dog. I was a real jerk. KELLY BASSETT: It's okay, I forgive you.
KELLY BASSETT: It's okay, I forgive you.
LOUIE: You do! KELLY BASSETT: And I'm sorry too. LOUIE: About what? KELLY BASSETT: About yesterday on the porch, I lied about the bait. You don't really think my dad uses marshmallows and peanut butter to catch fish do you. LOUIE: Of course not.

ANDY: Hall of Fame, the benefits of military military training. LOUIE [narrating]: And in full view of the lands of Lanza triplets, I kissed Kelly Bassett.
I kissed Kelly Bassett
I knew I'd never hear of her but I like Kelly and I didn't care who knew it besides she taught me something that summer at some point in our lives were all Kelly Bassett. I never saw her again but 10 years later I picked up a newspaper and saw that Kelly Bassett had been named Miss Minnesota.

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Life with Louie 4 Lake Winnibigoshish 1995.

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Olivia Hack.

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