Life with Louie 5 A Fish Called Pepper

Life with Louie 5 A Fish Called Pepper
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directed by Matthew O' Callaghan, written by Alex Taub, storyboard by Bert Ring (director), Carin-Anne Anderson, Dan Fausett and Jim Fletcher. Episode 5 from animated series Life with Louie Season 1 1995-1996 produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company.


Jeannie Harper moves to Detroit because her father is given a new job. Louie's grandma, Henrietta Sherman, comes to visit and, because of her, Louie sends a letter to Jeannie telling her he loves her. Meanwhile, the Anderson family gets a pet fish, called Pepper by Louie. They can't afford a dog, loses its hair, or a cat, licks the butter. In the end, Jeannie returns because her father's new job failed.

Dialogues with pictures

LOUIE: [narrating]: Of course mom had her own ideas about what made an appropriate pet. LOUIE: Well we can't get a dog or a cat well what can we get? ORA: A goldfish. LOUIE: That's a stupid pat. ANDY: When I was a catfish we're the only pets invented except now and then that would get behind your nuggets blow up like a bowler. Anyway, they didn't have pet stores and we had to scoop them out of the lake. I learned a lot of responsibility from that little scaly daily. LOUIE: It's not a name for a fish. ORA: I'm sure he'll grow on you. What are you gonna name him. LOUIE: Pepper.
LOUIE: Pepper.

ANDY: You remember your grandmother, don't you? I would tell you that like your mother would have met a president of the United States. She blames me for not being able to go visit her daughter in the White House. Other than that she's a lovely creature. LOUIE: Thanks for the lift dad. ANDY: All right. Let's get going here. Aren't you coming in? TOMMY: No way! That's like dinosaur? LOUIE: Can't be worse than dads. ANDY: I heard that! Get in here! LOUIE [narrating]: If this wasn't the worst day of my life
worst day of my life
it was definitely in the top five. ORA: Louie we moved you into Tommy's room. LOUIE: Tommy's room? Well where'd you put him? ORA: He's in there with you. You get to share see we need your room for Grandma. Now why don't you pop in and say goodnight to her.

LOUIE [narrating]: Of course I didn't know how either. I never had a goldfish before, I didn't know how much they eat this. Thing started getting big, start waking me up in the morning. PEPPER: Hey Lou, get up! LOUIE: What, Tommy quiet, trying to sleep here. I'll share a room with you. PEPPER: Over here, I'm hungry Louie, give me a jelly donut.
give me a jelly donut

GRANDMA: What are you doing? Take your hands off my grandson. GLEN GLENN: I'm sorry ma'am, we were just talking. GRANDMA: Don't think I don't know a headlock when I see one. Now you run along. GLEN GLENN: Yes ma'am. LOUIE: Grandma, what are you doing here. GRANDMA: Well I thought I'd stop by on my way home from the pet store. LOUIE: You bought food for Pepper?
LOUIE: You bought food for Pepper?

LOUIE: Did you get my letter? JEANNIE HARPER: No, you wrote me? What'd you write? LOUIE: Nothing. I just wrote that I missed you and liked having you around. JEANNIE HARPER: You mean this letter? LOUIE: But I thought you. JEANNIE HARPER: I just wanted to hear you say it. I miss you too Louie. Wow, is that your fish? He really got big, what do you feed him?
what do you feed him?

Cast as voices

Louie Anderson as Louie / Andy (Dad), Edie McClurg as Ora Anderson (Mom), Justin Shenkarow as Michael Grunewald, Miko Hughes as Tommy, Debi Derryberry as Jeannie Harper. Mary Wickes as Grandma, Jack Blessing as Pepper, Justin Shenkarow as Glen Glenn, watch Full Cast.

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