Life with Louie 6 Behind Every Good Coach

Life with Louie 6 Behind Every Good Coach
Watch Life with Louie 6 Behind Every Good Coach
directed by Matthew O' Callaghan, written by Alex Taub, storyboard by Bert Ring (director), Martin Fuller and Dan Root. Episode 6 from animated series Life with Louie Season 1 1995-1996 produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson / Hassan Company.


Louie joins the baseball team but during their first game, the coach gets hurt and Andy becomes the new coach. With the team unable to win, Ora gives the team a few pointers, learned while playing with her brothers as a child, and they win their playoff game.

Dialogues with pictures

COACH: All right boys and girls, I want you to say hello to my friend, the uneven bars. I need a volunteer, Anderson, come here. LOUIE: This is great coach
LOUIE: This is great coach
, I think I mastered this. Can I get down now? COACH: Come on Anderson, put some swing into it. Let's try it again Anderson, if at first you don't succeed.

LOUIE [narrating]: Of course this now meant that I was obligated to play baseball. How old could that be. The good news was I was on the same team as all my friends. MIKE GRUNEWALD: Hey Louie, I thought you were too busy training for the Olympic gymnastic team. TODDLER TOBOLINSKI: Yeah what changed your mind? LOUIE: I made a deal. My dad it got me out of gym class. What's so funny? MIKE GRUNEWALD: That's some deal Louie. LOUIE [narrating]: The bad news was our coach.
The bad news was our coach
COACH LARRY ROCKWELL: Hey Anderson looks like that ingrown toenails healing nicely, you know a few wind sprints ought to speed up the healing process. Mike Grunewald was right, Dad had sold me swampland. Instead of seeing coach Rockwell three days a week in gym class, I saw him at baseball practice five days a week and a game every Saturday.

ANDY: He's gonna play, they're just saving him up. See that the coach is talking to him
the coach is talking to him
right now. COACH: All right Louie, I got a job for you LOUIE: Am I going in, coach? COACH: Yes you're going in to the convenience store down the block, picking up some sodas and bringing them back. Let's see some hustle now.

ANDY: Meet your new coach. Now, first thing we gotta do is change the name of this team. LOUIE: What's wrong with the Chipmunks? ANDY: You know what a chipmunk is it's a little bitty-eyed rotten that gets run over in the street. Now you can do shipment and getting new uniforms for all you. I came up with the perfect name: Mortar Blasts.
perfect name: Mortar Blasts

ORA: You know Louie, I used to play a little stickball with my brothers on the farm. They showed me a lot of tricks.
They showed me a lot of tricks
LOUIE: Do you remember any of them? ORA: Maybe one or two. Now if you want an outside slider you put your middle finger across the stitches, like this. Remember the breathing pattern I taught you. All right now give me the heat, Louie! There you go that's perfect.

JEANNIE HARPER: Come on Louie, pitch it in here!
pitch it in here!
ORA: Give it the outside spider, Louie! ANDY: Don't listen to her Louie. LOUIE: This one's for you, Mom. COACH: We won!

Cast as voices

Louie Anderson as Louie / Andy (Dad), Edie McClurg as Ora Anderson (Mom), Miko Hughes as Tommy. Justin Shenkarow as Michael Grunewald / Glen Glenn, Debi Derryberry as Jeannie Harper. Benjamin Kimball Smith as Toddler, Meagen Fay as Principal Halloran, Tommy Lasorda as Coach Larry Rockwell, watch Full Cast.

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