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Grandma Henrietta Shermann is a fictional character from Life with Louie animated seriesGrandma Henrietta Shermann
is a fictional character created by Louie Anderson and Matthew O'Callaghan in animated series produced by Fox Kids Network, Hyperion Animation, The Anderson/Hassan Company Life with Louie in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin during the early 1960s.


Grandma Henrietta Shermann is Louie's grandmother, Ora's mother, and Andy's mother-in-law. Although the father described her negatively to his children, Louie slowly notices that his grandmother is very kind and funny, encouraging and helping him every chance she gets. She also has a son, Sammy Sherman, whom Andy Anderson despises just because he is rich in life.

GRANDMA: Lily! LOUIE: Tell Mom and Dad I'm going in. GRANDMA: Come say hello to your grandmother. Come give your grandmother a kiss.
Come give your grandmother a kiss
LOUIE [narrating]: Dad was right, yellow teeth. ANDY: Get down here for dinner now! LOUIE: Yes, save by the yelling.

GRANDMA: Come on Louie, come sit by me. LOUIE: All over, that's my seat. TOMMY: You're not the boss of me. ANDY: I'm the boss of both of you. Now sit down. ORA: Here you go there's plenty for us. Eat up now before it gets cold. Oh Andy, let's enjoy each other's. ANDY: Just a little dinner theater.
A lot enough for you Grandma?
GRANDMA: That's just perfect Andy! LOUIE: Dad it's macaroni's old. GRANDMA: Louie it looks good to me. LOUIE: But it's green and moldy. ANDY: That's spinach macaroni so when I was in the war all the food was great macaroni, green potatoes, green lettuce. LOUIE: Lettuce is green, dad. ANDY: Seconds anyone? GRANDMA: Yes, please Andy. ORA: Your father bought cheesecake for dessert. GRANDMA: Andy I almost forgot to tell you.
I almost forgot to tell you
I was out in the garage today and I reorganized all your tools for you. I hung them all in alphabetical order. ANDY: What?

GRANDMA: Did you write this. LOUIE: I was just practicing the alphabet. GRANDMA: J H that wouldn't be Jeannie Harper would it. LOUIE: Grandma, how'd you know that? GRANDMA: Well, your Mom sent me pictures of you and your friends at summer camp. She's a cute one. You two look pretty close. LOUIE: We were, she left me. GRANDMA: Oh I'm sorry! Why don't you write her a letter. LOUIE: I don't know what to write. GRANDMA: I think you do. LOUIE: Well, what if she laughs? GRANDMA: What if she doesn't. LOUIE: I finally saw Grandma for what she really was, she was part of the family. GRANDMA: Take some advice from an old lady: it's never too late to tell someone how you feel about them.
to tell someone how you feel about them
LOUIE: Hey Glen Glenn, guess what? I think you're a jerk. GRANDMA: Well now that's not exactly what I meant Louis.

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