Glowing Glow Worm | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, only the Mystery Mouseketool is leftonly the Mystery Mouseketool is left. PETE: Ohh! What's that mean? MICKEY MOUSE: It means, everybody say, "Mystery Mouseketool." ALL: Mystery Mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: What's today's Mystery Mouseketool?

Sand Bucket and Shovel | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, we know a great fun way to playwe know a great fun way to play. with sand. Building sandcastles. PETE: Sandcastles? Oh, say, that does sound fun. You got yourself a deal, Mickey the Mouse. Show us how to build sandcastles, and you get the bouncy ball back.

Bouncy Shoes | Space Captain Donald

GOOFY: Gosh, Pluto's bouncy ball could be anywherePluto's bouncy ball could be anywhere. MICKEY MOUSE: Yell out bouncy ball real loud if you see it. What's that? You see Pluto's bouncy ball? Where? Behind me? Really? Wow, look at that. Real live moon men. And look what they're playing

Rubber Duckies | Space Captain Donald

DONALD DUCK: Bang, zoom!
DONALD DUCK: Bang, zoom!
Uh-oh. Now what? GOOFY: Gosh, Space Rubber Duckies. Lots of them. MINNIE: With all these Space Rubber Duckies blocking our view, we can't even see the dog-shaped constellation. GOOFY: But we gotta see where it's pointing.

What's a constellation | Space Captain Donald

DAISY: But we've got to get to the moonwe've got to get to the moon to get Pluto's bouncy ball. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, as every good space captain knows, if you are getting lost, you can always find your way by following the constellations. Isn't that right, Space Captain

Clubhouse Rocket Ship | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: All we have to sayAll we have to say is "Oh, Toodles" So long, Toodles. Okay, everybody, ready to go to the moon and find Pluto's bouncy ball?
DONALD DUCK: To the moon.
MICKEY MOUSE: To go to the moon,

Pluto's Bouncy Ball | Space Captain Donald

MICKEY MOUSE: Welcome to our clubhouse

Welcome to our clubhouse
. Today we're gonna... Uh, did you just hear something go ka-boing? You did? Good, me too. There it is again. Another ka-boing. Gosh, it sounds like something is