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Mickey and Donald have a farmMICKEY MOUSE: Mickey and Donald have a farm. ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! MICKEY MOUSE: And everything's back to the way it was ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo!

Makes the windmill go | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Good thinking, everybodyGood thinking, everybody! We've got ears, say cheers! DONALD DUCK: OK, here I go! Huh? I did it! GOOFY: Okey-dokey, Mrs. Cow. Everything's all right now.

Find them chickens | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

CLARABELLE: Oh, cluck-cluck chickenscluck-cluck chickens! Come out, come out! GOOFY: That sounds like Clarabelle! MICKEY MOUSE: And she sounds worried. CLARABELLE: Oh,

We got the pony | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Did you hear thatDid you hear that? Sounds like there's another animal around here. Come on! MICKEY MOUSE: Uh, did you whinny, Minnie? MINNIE: Oh, my, no! It

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GOOFY: Uh, guys, something wrong heresomething wrong here. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee, Goof's right. Something's missing! Do you see what's missing on the farm? That's it! The animals. GOOFY: Golly! They must've flown

Pull the red lever | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh. Your chickens sound greatYour chickens sound great, Clarabelle! CLARABELLE: Oh! Why, thank you, Mickey! The little darlings are so happy when they sing. And when they're happy, we get

Mickey and Donald Have a Farm | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody! It sure is great to see youIt sure is great to see you! Because today I want to show you something brand new at the Clubhouse. I think you're really gonna like it! But first, let's go get our mouseketools! Come on! [singing] Mouseker-hey,