We got the pony | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Did you hear thatDid you hear that? Sounds like there's another animal around here. Come on! MICKEY MOUSE: Uh, did you whinny, Minnie? MINNIE: Oh, my, no! It
wasn't me. MINNIE AND DAISY: It was her! GOOFY: Bust my buttons! We've got to help that horsey! MICKEY MOUSE: Well, maybe a mouseketool can help the little ladyhelp the little lady float down safely. Come on, everybody say, "oh toodles!" ALL: Oh, toodles! TOODLES: One mouseketool coming right up! MICKEY MOUSE: We have the handy fishing pole, the blimpy blazer, a soft blanket, and the mystery mouseketool. Which mouseketool can we use to help the pony float down safely? DAISY: Yeah. The blimpy blazer! It's good for flying and floating. DONALD DUCK: Well, let's give it a shot. MICKEY MOUSE: We've got ears, say cheers! MICKEY MOUSE: Great! We got the pony down safelyWe got the pony down safely! DAISY: Um, has anyone seen Donald? DONALD DUCK: Aw, phooey! Why does this always happen to me? MICKEY MOUSE: Ride along with us, little pony! MICKEY MOUSE: Mickey and Donald have a farm, ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! MICKEY MOUSE: And on our farm we have bunnies. GOOFY: A goat. DONALD DUCK: A pony. ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! MICKEY MOUSE: With a howdy-howdy here DONALD DUCK: And a yahoo there GOOFY: Here's fun, there's fun lots of fun for everyone MICKEY MOUSE: Mickey and Donald have a farm, ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! GOOFY: Did someone just oinkDid someone just oink, oink, oink? MICKEY MOUSE: Nope! DONALD DUCK: Not me. PLUTO: Uh-uh. GOOFY: Did you, oink, oink, oink? Hmm. Then who do you think went oink, oink, oink? Piggies? Yeah. They've got to be around here somewhere. MICKEY MOUSE: And I think their oink-oinks are coming from over there. GOOFY: The cluck-cluck chicken coop? Those aren't chickens. They're... Little piggies! MICKEY MOUSE: Uh-oh! The basket at the bottom of the slide is goneThe basket at the bottom of the slide is gone and the piggies need a safe place to land. DONALD DUCK: We need a mouseketool! MICKEY MOUSE: Everybody say... ALL: Oh, toodles! TOODLES: You called? MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see, we have the handy fishing pole, a soft blanket, and... DONALD DUCK: oh! Oh! The blanket! GOOFY: Yeah, that's soft and comfy. MICKEY MOUSE: We've got ears, say cheers! GOOFY: We got three little piggies in a blanket. GOOFY: Mickey, make room for three more. MICKEY MOUSE: The more, the merrier! GOOFY: One piggy, two piggy, three piggy. Watch We got the pony video

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