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Good thinking, everybody!
Good thinking, everybody
We've got ears, say cheers! DONALD DUCK: OK, here I go! Huh? I did it! GOOFY: Okey-dokey, Mrs. Cow. Everything's all right now. Just wiggle yourself out and... MICKEY MOUSE: Uh-oh! GOOFY: Gosh. MICKEY MOUSE: We might be in for a real storm.
MICKEY MOUSE: We might be in for a real storm.
GOOFY: You think it could be trouble? DONALD DUCK: I know it is! MICKEY MOUSE: We need to blow away these stormy clouds.
We need to blow away these stormy clouds
And that means we need a mouseketool. Everybody say, oh, toodles! ALL: Oh, toodles! TOODLES: It's me to the rescue! GOOFY: Gosh, all that's left is the mystery mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: Everybody say... ALL: mystery mouseketool! MICKEY MOUSE: What's today's mystery mouseketool? Whoa! Pete's windmill!
Pete's windmill
GOOFY: Pete's windmill? But that's what blew all the animals away! MICKEY MOUSE: Yeah, but now we can use it to blow all the clouds away. We picked all our mouseketools! Say, super cheers! Goofy, Donald, pull the lever that makes the windmill go.
pull the lever that makes the windmill go
GOOFY: Hm, let's see now. Red means stop, so it's not the red lever. But what color means go? DONALD DUCK: I know! I know! Green means go! GOOFY: That's right, Donald! Let's try the green lever!
Let's try the green lever
Great! We did it! DONALD DUCK: Yeah! MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, everybody, let's bring all the animals back to the farm. MINNIE: Hooray! We saved the farm! DAISY: Oh, goody-goody! CLARABELLE: Moo-arvelous!

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