Find them chickens | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

CLARABELLE: Oh, cluck-cluck chickens!
Find them chickens | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come out, come out! GOOFY: That sounds like Clarabelle! MICKEY MOUSE: And she sounds worried. CLARABELLE: Oh, cluck-cluck chickens, where are you? MICKEY MOUSE: Uh, Clarabelle, do you need help?
do you need help
CLARABELLE: Oh, Mickey! Oh, thank goodness you're here! My cluck-cluck chickens and I were at the coop happily singing, when suddenly, out of nowhere, the big wind blew them this way and that way! MICKEY MOUSE: Whoa! Those chickens must've flown the coop! GOOFY: And they're gone, too! CLARABELLE: Oh, my! Whatever shall I do? GOOFY: Do not fear, milady. Your friends are here! We'll find them chickens!
We'll find them chickens
Uh, Mickey, uh, how can we find them? MICKEY MOUSE: Let's all sing a song together, and I bet the cluck-cluck chickens will come out and join in! Come on, everybody, let's sing! MICKEY MOUSE: Mickey and Donald have a farm, ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! MICKEY MOUSE: And on our farm we have cluck-cluck chickens, ALL: Meeska-mouseke-doo! MICKEY MOUSE: With a cluck-cluck here and a cluck-cluck there, / Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a... MICKEY MOUSE: Mickey and Donald have a farm, CLARABELLE: Meeska-mouseke-doo! CLARABELLE: Oh, thank you, Mickey! Thank you for finding my cluck-cluck chickens! A million thank-you's to you. MICKEY MOUSE: Aw, helping friends is what friends are for.
helping friends is what friends are for
Uh, Clarabelle? CLARABELLE: Well, that wasn't me, Mickey. But who could have made that moo? GOOFY: Cowabunga! Mrs. Cow is stuck in that tire like a cork in a bottle! MICKEY MOUSE: We've got to get her out of that tire swing safely. GOOFY: Maybe I can help. DONALD DUCK: Oh, this I got to see! GOOFY: Hold on, Mrs. Cow, I'm gonna slow you down. Whoops. Oh! Come to papa, little hat. DONALD DUCK: Watch out! GOOFY: Whoa! DONALD DUCK: Watch where you're going! Goofy! MICKEY MOUSE: Listen, guys, it's not safe to get too close to a swinging cow.
it's not safe to get too close to a swinging cow
DONALD DUCK: Or to a goof! GOOFY: But, Mickey, if we can't get close, how can we get Mrs. Cow out of the tire? MICKEY MOUSE: Well, I think we need... DONALD DUCK: A mouseketool! GOOFY: I was just gonna suggest that. MICKEY MOUSE: Everybody say, oh, toodles! ALL: Oh, toodles! TOODLES: Oh, let me guess. You need a mouseketool. DONALD DUCK: We sure do! GOOFY: Gee-golly. We have the mystery mouseketool and the handy fishing pole. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh! What if we use the handy fishing pole to catch the tire and hold it steady? GOOFY: Yeah! Then the tire would stop swinging. DONALD DUCK: And the cow, too!

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