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MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh. Your chickens sound greatYour chickens sound great, Clarabelle! CLARABELLE: Oh! Why, thank you, Mickey! The little darlings are so happy when they sing. And when they're happy, we get
more eggs! DONALD DUCK: You can say that again! What? Whoa! MICKEY MOUSE: Whoa! Whoa! Hold onto your hats, everybody! GOOFY: Hey, come back here! Come back! Gotcha! Gee-willikers-gee! This is the strongest wind I've ever seen! Yow! MICKEY MOUSE: Whoa. DONALD DUCK: Whoa. MICKEY MOUSE: Flying pigsFlying pigs? DONALD DUCK: Now, there's something you don't see every... Say, what's the big idea? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Whoo boy! Looks like a super-duper storm is on its way. Which means we got a lot of wind whooshing around here! MICKEY MOUSE: Yeah! That wind could really wreck the farmThat wind could really wreck the farm. And if that happens, we won't have any food! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Shush and quiet, Mickey. Would you listen to that? Oh, the wind never sounded like that before! MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, guys, hop in the clickety-clack tractor. Let's find out what's making that strange sound! DONALD DUCK: Come on, Mickey, go. Go! MICKEY MOUSE: Hold on, pal. We pull the red lever when we want to stop the tractorWe pull the red lever when we want to stop the tractor. So which lever makes it go? GOOFY: Well, if red means stop, then green means go. DONALD DUCK: Do the green! Do the green! MICKEY MOUSE: You got it, Donald. GOOFY: Gosh! Would you looky at that! It's a giant windy-mill! DONALD DUCK: Farmer Pete! What's going on? PETE: Well, hi, Mickey the farmer mouseMickey the farmer mouse! Sorry for all the wind. You see, I was using my new windmill to keep all the bugs away from my prize petunias.
GOOFY: Farmer Pete, why don't you turn the windy-mill off? PETE: Because I don't know howBecause I don't know how! The instructions blew away and now I don't know which lever to pull. MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see, there are three levers: red, blue and green. Remember how the red lever stopped the tractor before? So which lever do you think can make the windmill stop? The red lever! GOOFY: Yeah! Because red means stop! MICKEY MOUSE: Let's try it. We did it! The windmill stopped! PETE: Ooh! So that's where those went. Thanks, everybody! ALL: You're welcome! Watch Pull the red lever video

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