Find the animals | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

GOOFY: Uh, guys, something wrong heresomething wrong here. MICKEY MOUSE: Gee, Goof's right. Something's missing! Do you see what's missing on the farm? That's it! The animals. GOOFY: Golly! They must've flown
away like birdies! MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, let's all find the animals togetherlet's all find the animals together. Are you ready? Great! MICKEY MOUSE: OK, guys, keep your eyes open! GOOFY: And your noses, too! MICKEY MOUSE: Attaboy, Pluto! Find all the farm animals. PLUTO: [barks] MICKEY MOUSE: I think Pluto found somethingI think Pluto found something. But I don't see any animals. GOOFY: And I don't hear any moo-moos or oink-oinks or cluck-clucks either. DONALD DUCK: Where could they be? MICKEY MOUSE: I've got an idea. I bet if we plant lettuce and carrots, then the animals will come out for a treat. GOOFY: Sounds yummy. But, uh, won't it take a long time to grow all that stuff? MICKEY MOUSE: Not with the clickety-clack tractor. Watch Find the animals video

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