We've got to catch | Clubhouse

GOOFY: We gotta catch Pete before it's too late!
We've got to catch | Clubhouse
ALL: Hey! DONALD DUCK: Ah, phooey. DAISY: Our super power bands! GOOFY: Gosh, they're all red. MINNIE: And you know what that means. MINNIE AND DAISY: Our super powers are gone!
Our super powers are gone
MINNIE: Oh, dear. I hope Mickey and Pluto are OK. MEGA MORT: OK, Clubhouse. It's shrinking time! MICKEY MOUSE: Mega Mort, we're not gonna let you shrink the Clubhouse. Uh-oh! Ahh! Whoa! Gosh, I'm tiny. And I'm dropped. Pluto, go get the Clubhouse heroes! DAISY: Oh, no! Hold on, Pete! MINNIE: We've got to catch Pete with a mouseketool.
We've got to catch Pete with a mouseketool
DAISY: Everybody say, oh, super toodles! ALL: Oh, super toodles! TOODLES: No need to shout, super toodles will help you out. DAISY: We've got a catcher's mitt. GOOFY: The catcher's mitt, that's good for catching stuff like a baseball.
The catcher's mitt, that's good for catching stuff like a baseball
Or a flying, tiny Pete. MINNIE: We've got super ears. Say cheers! MINNIE: Daisy, catch! DAISY: Donald! DONALD DUCK: I got it. I got it. Goof! GOOFY: Got it! PETE: Oh, I can't watch. Hey, I'm alive! MINNIE: Hooray! DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy! DAISY: We did it! PETE: Oh, thanks for saving me! Boy, you guys are a great team!
you guys are a great team
MINNIE: Pete's right, we saved him together! DONALD DUCK: What happened? DAISY: It's like Mickey's been telling us. We needed to work together. MINNIE: Yes, and when we work together, we're Super duper! DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! Watch We've got to catch video:

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