Let's stop that zeppelin | Clubhouse

MEGA MORT: Well, guess what time it is.
Let's stop that zeppelin | Clubhouse
GOOFY: Uh, snack time? MEGA MORT: Nope, it's shrinking time! Whoa! No! Not my Clubhouse collection! MICKEY MOUSE: Goofy, you and Donald collect the globes, I'll distract Mega Mort. Hey, Mega Mort! MEGA MORT: Oh, a wise guy,
a wise guy
hey? MICKEY MOUSE: Ha-ha! MEGA MORT: Come back here! GOOFY: One. DONALD DUCK: One, two... Twenty-seven! GOOFY: Wait, we're missing one! MICKEY MOUSE: Ha-ha! You won't catch me, Mega Mort! MEGA MORT: Oh, yeah? Just watch. GOOFY: Look, number 28. DAISY: OK, let's stop that zeppelin.
let's stop that zeppelin
PETE: Hey, I've got an idea, but I need to get to the zeppelin's controls. DAISY: Well, I can help you. Upsy Daisy. Oh, steady now. PETE: I'll have this whole zeppelin stopped in a jiffy. Now which button is the one that stops the zeppelin? Oh, yeah. I remember that the stop button
I remember that the stop button
is the same shape as a stop sign. Which one of these buttons is shaped like a stop sign? That's it! Thanks for helping. Now, let's stop this zeppelin once and for all. MEGA MORT: Hey, no fair, speedy. MICKEY MOUSE: Good work, Dynamo Duck! Oh, see ya real... Soon! GOOFY: Oh, no, Mickey! Donald, grab my legs. DONALD DUCK: You got it, Super Goof. MEGA MORT: Bottoms up, duck. PETE: Hey, Mega Mort! Guess what time it is. MEGA MORT: Nap time? PETE: Nope, it's crunch time! MEGA MORT: Ow! Biscuits and gravy! GOOFY: Mickey! Gotcha! MINNIE: Upsy Daisy, think fast.
Upsy Daisy, think fast
DAISY: I hope this works. Have a seat, boys. GOOFY: Gosh, thanks Upsy Daisy. DONALD DUCK: Yeah, thanks. MINNIE: Now that's what I call working together. GOOFY: You're safe now, Mickey. MICKEY MOUSE: Good work, guys. PETE: We stopped Mega Mort! DONALD DUCK: And we saved the Clubhouse! MICKEY MOUSE: I knew I could count on the Clubhouse heroes to do a super job. Thanks for working together! DAISY: Goody, goody, goody! PETE: Oh, yeah!

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