Super wonder bows away | Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Mega Mort's in trouble! Come on gang, we've gotta save him!
Super wonder bows away | Clubhouse
GOOFY: But he's the bad guy. MICKEY MOUSE: Bad guy or not, he needs saving. And that's what heroes do. Up and away ALL: Let's save the day! GOOFY: Golly! How are we gonna stop that zig-zagging zeppy-lin? MICKEY MOUSE: By working together! We're gonna wrap up that zeppelin
We're gonna wrap up that zeppelin
with wonder Minnie's super wonder bows. MINNIE: Ready! MICKEY MOUSE: Upsy Daisy, you help move Super Goof and Dynamo Duck down to the ground. DAISY: I'm on it! MICKEY MOUSE: And Super Power Pup and I will hand the bows off to you guys. So be ready to pull down that zeppelin. BOTH: You bet. MICKEY MOUSE: Go, Wonder Minnie, go! MINNIE: Super Wonder bows away!
Super Wonder bows away
MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, Super Power Pup, let's do our thing! MICKEY MOUSE: OK. Let's work together! Oh, boy, we did it! By working together! MEGA MORT: You, uh, rescued me? After all that I did? MINNIE: That's what heroes do.
That's what heroes do
DAISY: We saved the day! MEGA MORT: Well, I gotta tell ya, I'm touched. Thank you. GOOFY: You're welcome, Mr. Mega Mort. MEGA MORT: Um, you know, Mega Mort's not really my name. It's Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse. And I'm your new neighbor. Isn't that a slice of pie? Ha-cha-cha! MINNIE: Well, Mortimer Mouse, neighbors do not go around shrinking everything.
Mortimer Mouse, neighbors do not go around shrinking everything
MEGA MORT: You're right. I'm sorry. DONALD DUCK: Look out! GOOFY: He's gonna shrink us! MEGA MORT: No, no, take it easy, fellas. You got me all wrong. I wanna turn everything back to its normal size. Starting with you two.

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