Let's save the day | Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh, now two parts are red.
Let's save the day | Clubhouse
That means most of our superhero time is gone. We've gotta hurry if we're gonna stop Mega Mort. Come on! Up and away, let's save the day! MICKEY MOUSE: Stop right there, Mega Mort! MEGA MORT: What? MICKEY MOUSE: The Clubhouse heroes are here to save.
The Clubhouse heroes are here to save
the day! MEGA MORT: Boy, you superhero types never learn, do ya! MINNIE: We have to help Pete! DAISY: But Mega Mort's getting away! GOOFY: How are we gonna help Pete and stop Mega Morty? MICKEY MOUSE: Super Power Pup and I will stop Mega Mort, while the rest of you help Pete. Up and away... ALL: Let's save the day!
Let's save the day
MEGA MORT: Hey, who put on the breaks? MICKEY MOUSE: Good work, Super Sower Sup. We've got him now! MEGA MORT: So Super Mickey thinks he can stop me, hey? Well, some super slippery, super strong, super bubbles will loosen his super grip.
bubbles will loosen his super grip
MICKEY MOUSE: Oh no! Super slippery, super stong, super bubbles. Oh, gosh. This super bubble is too super strong. I can't pop it. We need a super mouseketool. Everybody say, oh, super toodles! BOTH: Oh, super toodles! TOODLES: Never fear, super toodles is here! MICKEY MOUSE: We have the blow dryer,
We have the blow dryer
the catcher's mitt and the mystery mouseketool. Do you think the blow dryer can help us pop the super bubble? It might just work. Well, let's give it a try. We've got super ears. Say, cheers! Bye, bye bubble!

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