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MICKEY MOUSE: Uh-oh. The third starThe third star. We're almost out of time. Mickey's Comet will be here any minute now. GOOFY: Hot diggety. There's the professor. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Hello down there! Whoo, you found me, didn't you? I just
remembered that I forgot to tell you where I was going. MICKEY MOUSE: That's okay, professor. But where is your telescopewhere is your telescope? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: And it's right over... What did I do with the thing? All right. Here it is. The Von Drake Portable Extendable Telescoping Telescope. Whoa! This fasuska telescope doesn't want to stay put. GOOFY: We need something to keep this thing from rolling away. DONALD DUCK: Yeah, like a Mouseketool. MICKEY MOUSE: Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles." ALL: Oh, Toodles. MICKEY: All we got are building blockswe got are building blocks. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, I got a theory. If Toodles would kindly put one block in front of each of the telescope wheels, that should keep it from rolling away. MICKEY MOUSE: We picked all our Mouseketools. Say, "Super Cheers." PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, boy. What do you know, it worked. And just in time because here comes Mickey's Cometjust in time because here comes Mickey's Comet. Quick. Put your eye up to the telescope and take a look. Ooh, and you take a look too. ALL: Wow! MICKEY MOUSE: It looks like me. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: And that's why I have named it Mickey's Comet. Ha, ha. MINNIE: Oh, thank you, professor. That was spectacular. DONALD DUCK: You said it. GOOFY: Hooray. DAISY: Good for us. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, boy. Mickey's Comet was terrific, wasn't it? MINNIE: Remember when we were looking for the path near the green circle with the red polka dots? How did we find the green circle? MICKEY: Right, we went as high as the giant's head and looked at things from his point of view. DAISY: What did it turn out to be? MICKEY: The cone-shaped apple tree. You betcha. Boy, what a hot-dog day. See you real soon.
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