Steps to find the secret | Mickey's Comet

MICKEY MOUSE: Now we know that this is the way Professor Von Drake went. DAISY: But look. The second star, Mickey's Comet is on its wayThe second star, Mickey's Comet is on its way. Time's running out. MICKEY MOUSE: We'd better get a move on. We gotta catch up with the professor. MICKEY: Hiya, Chip. Hiya, Dale. Uh, did you see where the professor went? CHIP: He was right... DALE: Over there. CHIP: We walked fifteen steps from the tree stump. DALE: And along those bushes. CHIP: Then the professor found a secret door. CHIP AND DALE: Good luck. MICKEY MOUSE: Thanks for the help, guys. See you. MICKEY: Hmm... If Chip and Dale walked fifteen steps from this tree stump... MINNIE: Then we'll have to measure fifteen steps to find the secret doorwe'll have to measure fifteen steps to find the secret door that the professor went through. GOOFY: Let me do it. My feet were made for measuring. MICKEY MOUSE: Goofy, wait. Look at your footprints. They're way bigger than Chip and Dale's footprints. GOOFY: Yep, I guess, my feet are a bit bigger. Stinkier too. DAISY: We need a way to measure little Chip and Dale-sized steps. GOOFY: Why don't we try a Mouseketubey? A Mouseketidbit? MICKEY MOUSE: You mean a Mouseketool. Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles." ALL: Oh, Toodles. MICKEY: Let's see. We have the wind-up toy and the building blocks. MINNIE: Let's try the wind-up toy drummer boythe wind-up toy drummer boy. MICKEY: We've got ears, say "Cheers." MINNIE: This toy drummer will take the same size steps as Chip did. Let's all count out fifteen steps together. ALL: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. MINNIE: This must be where the professor went through the door. Oh, we found it. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, everybody.

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