A green circle | Mickey's Comet

A green circle | Mickey's CometDAISY: There are three paths. We're looking for the one next to a green circle, with red polka dots? Do you see it? DONALD: I don't. MICKEY: Let's make sure we aren't missing something. What different shapes do you see? MINNIE: This tree has triangles for sides, so it's a pyramid.
triangles for sides, so it's a pyramid
DAISY: This tree is shaped like a square, so it's a cube. MICKEY MOUSE: And this apple tree is shaped like a cone. Like an ice cream cone. DAISY: We found a pyramid, a cube and a cone shape. But no green circles. MINNIE: Hmm... Now, why would Willie say there's a big green circle with red polka dots if there isn't one? ALL: Hmm... DAISY: Hey, remember how different things looked through the Pluto-Cam because we were seeing it from a different point of view? MICKEY: Yeah. DONALD DUCK: I sure do. DAISY: Well, since Willie is so much taller than we are, I bet everything must look different from way up high. MICKEY MOUSE: Right, Daisy. If we could look at things
If we could look at things
the same way Willie does, well, maybe we'd find the circle he told us about. DAISY: We need something that will let us get a look from up high. MICKEY MOUSE: Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles." ALL: Oh, Toodles. MICKEY: There's balloons, a wind-up toy and building blocks. Which can help us see from really high up? MINNIE: I know. The balloons. We could float up high in the sky by holding them. MICKEY MOUSE: We've got ears, say "Cheers." MICKEY MOUSE: Upsey Daisy. I mean, Upsey Mickey. Oh, look at that. The higher I go, the more things look different. I'm up as high as the giant's head. Now do you see a green circle with red polka dots?
do you see a green circle with red polka dots
You found it. There's the green circle with the red polka dots that Willie saw. MINNIE: And it's the cone-shaped apple tree. MICKEY MOUSE: Way to go. This is the path the professor took. MINNIE: Oh, look. The first of the three stars is shining. That means it won't be long before Mickey's Comet is here. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on. Let's go.


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