Pluto-Cam | Mickey's Comet

Pluto-Cam | Mickey's Comet
MICKEY MOUSE: Balloons. What a great bunch.
A wind-up toy. Building blocks. Ha, ha. And the Mystery Mouseketool. That's a surprise tool that can help us later. MICKEY [SINGING]: Toodles has the tools / The Mousketools / So when we need them / Toodles will bring them / He's here for meedles and youdles / And all we have to say is "Oh, Toodles". MICKEY MOUSE: All right. We got our Mouseketools. Now let's find the professor. MINNIE: Good idea, Pluto. You have a great nose for sniffing out trails.
a great nose for sniffing out trails
DAISY: Right. He can use it to sniff out the professor's trail so we'll know where he went. MICKEY MOUSE: And this camera will help too. PLUTO [BARKS] MICKEY MOUSE: The Pluto-Cam will send a picture
The Pluto-Cam will send a picture
of what Pluto's looking at back to the Mousekedoer. That way, we'll see whatever he sees. PLUTO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. DONALD DUCK: Step aside. I want to take a look. DAISY: Donald sure has a big head. DONALD DUCK: Yow! MICKEY MOUSE: Okay, pal. You're all set. Go find Professor Von Drake. PLUTO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. MINNIE: Look. Pluto's following the professor's trail across the clubhouse. DAISY: What's that? MICKEY: I think it's the fire hydrant
I think it's the fire hydrant
next to Pluto's dog house. DONALD DUCK: I don't know. It doesn't look like a fire hydrant. MINNIE: Oh, that's because the Pluto-Cam is close to the ground at Pluto's level. You're used to seeing the hydrant from higher up. MICKEY MOUSE: That's right. And when you look at something from a new point of view, it looks different.


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